Gingerbread houses

Last night we had our (first) annual GINGERBREAD HOUSE COMPETITION EXTRAVAGANZA!

My sibs Greg and Laura came over (er, just Laura came over because Greg lives here too), and we invited my friend Stephanie and two of Greg’s friends to build gingerbread houses and consume lots and lots of sugar on Saturday night.

The goods:
Graham crackers, pretzels, marshmallows, candy, candy, and more candy.

We used graham crackers as the “gingerbread” and icing + cream of tartar (pronounced TAR-TAR all night) to stick everything together.  The internet suggested adding cream of tartar to the icing to help it harden, but we were pretty hesitant because everyone had nasty visions of tartar sauce flavored frosting and gingerbread houses that tasted like fish.  Those were my visions, at least.  But we added it, nothing resembled seafood, and it turns out that cream of tartar and tartar sauce are not related!



We had a lot of fun!  It was cool to watch the different approaches–all of the boys immediately started building before decorating, and the girls began with decorating flat pieces before putting them together.

Here is the village!  NOW– decide which you like best before I bias you with the teams.



Left: cute and classic house by Laura & Stephanie
Middle: awesome house with the porch and rocking chair by Karen and Ryan
Right: strange “school” with captive marshmallow men inside and in the roof.  The thing in the back is either a garden or a graveyard.

We put them up on facebook for a vote, but it was a pretty clear fail because more people liked the post than a particular house.

Me and Ryan with our house

And a shout out to Steph because I was so happy to see her!

Which house wins?


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