tornado in gingerbread town

Merry Christmas Eve!

I slept in this morning and then went to the YMCA with my Dad for a workout. He started in the pool, and I started at the weight rack.  I have figured out that in order to get myself to lift weights, I need to do it FIRST. Once I get off a cardio machine, my motivation level drops to 0 and I hurry my butt out of the gym, so today I started with weights. 15 minutes of arm weights and then an hour on the AMT.

I had intended to do a full body strength workout instead of cardio, but I faceplanted on a driveway yesterday and scraped up my knee, so I’m giving my legs a pity pass.
Sidenote: Just asked my mom for some “grown up” synonyms for “boo boo.”

The rest of this afternoon is for wrapping, baking, cookie eating, and family time before we head to church this evening, and then to a family friend’s house.

I’ve been pretty reasonable about my cookie intake, but chocolate covered pretzels and stale graham crackers are a different story.  Here are the remains of the gingerbread city:


Laura/Steph’s and Greg Co.’s houses look pretty good, but I sort of attacked the house Ryan and I made.  The sibs gave me permission to eat their houses too.  Apparently no one else finds stale grahams and hard frosting appetizing?  Weird.

When is the last time you wiped out?
Chocolate covered pretzels or chocolate chip cookie?


One thought on “tornado in gingerbread town

  1. Lol give me your mom’s phone number. I wiped out last week tripping over my dog. Well, actually, I tripped because I didn’t see my dog and wanted to avoid falling on her. Can I choose white-chocolate covered pretzels?

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