watchless run and fun with names

It’s amazing what a little bit of sunshine can do!  I feel like a new person after spending an hour soaking up some rays on a run after class.  It was 20 degrees, but the sun was shining and it felt pretty balmy!

I ran 7 easy miles and without a watch (for the first time almost ever) because my Garmin ran out of battery at mile 3.  It was sort of refreshing to run without a sense of time.  My hand reflexively went to my wrist to stop my watch every time I approached a patch of ice–so like 50 times.  Anyone else stop your watch for every second your feet stop running?

Here is something else that is as happy as the sun:

I played with Andrea’s clementine peel during our 3-hour class this afternoon (weird?) and sipped coffee #2 of the day.  Andrea donated a coffee pot to the grad room last fall, along with coffee grounds that we kind of forgot about for a while.  Our old coffee didn’t taste very good, but it met my only 2 criteria for coffee: hot and caffeinated.

Andrea things like a blogger–she asked me if I was going to take a picture of the orange–so she should probably start her own blog.  Possibly a yoga + audiology blog.
Name ideas:
Yoga Lessons, Ear Impressions
Tympan-OM-etry (Audi-OM-etree pose…HAHA a stretch.)
A pun on balance
Yogi with an otoscope

Oh, that was fun.

How often do you run without a watch?


paper clips and the mighty buffalos

Super cold weather=empty gym!


I had a hard hour of intervals on the AMT this morning: 5 min warm up, 3 x 10 min of :30 sprint/:30 easy (all moderate resistance), then high resistance for the rest of the hour.
Though it was nice to have the room to myself, I didn’t like that I could hear myself panting (usually it’s covered up by treadmill noise and other people), and I swear it echoed.

And that concludes the entire amount of moving I did all day.  I worked for a few hours at school and then spent a terribly long time in the computer lab with Bre trying to figure out something for our “computer programming class.”  Who hates MATLAB?  We do, we do!

But before that frustration, Jaime and I discussed our crazy static hair, and she showed me the dryer sheet she had been rubbing on her head all morning.  I remembered seeing something on Pinterest about attaching a safety-pin to your shirt to eliminate static, so we tried it using paper clips because we didn’t have safety pins.


The verdict: The paper clips helped!   Not sure if our hair actually was less staticy, but it sure seemed like it.

As we fastened office supplies to our shirts, we talked about the super bowl and tried to remember who was playing.  Evidently neither of us are football fans because we finally decided on the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Buffalos..  I’m glad we fixed that mistake with google; that could have been embarrassing.

And finally, a very happy birthday to Lauren!  We had a delicious Potbelly dinner celebration!

Bre and Andrea

The birthday girl and me

If someone gave you free tickets to the superbowl (outside) and it was supposed to be 20 degrees, would you go?

And it keeps getting colder

What up, 0 degree high without the windchill?  Tomorrow is supposed to be ugly: a “feel like” temp of -27 degrees when I wake up!  Yikes.  THE Ohio State University, University of Michigan, and Ohio University (all according to my Facebook news feed) are closed tomorrow due to the cold.  Pretty sure Purdue will be open, so I’m glad to stay in one building all day and hope the undergrads bundle up!  Oh, the days of walking across campus for class.  (Oh, the days of walking.)

I countered the cold this morning with a sweaty run on the indoor track: 5 miles at an 8:10 pace, and it felt like speedwork.  Womp womp.  It’s amazing how marathon pace was and (hopefully) will be faster than that–it’s incredible what training can do!


The indoor track overlooks the lobby of the rec center, and there was a little booth set up with a guy promoting free coffee samples.  Since there seem to be more people entering the gym than leaving it in the morning, and no one wants a coffee before a workout, this is what I heard for an hour:
Man with coffee: “Do you want a free coffee sample? It’s Seattle’s Best!”
Every soul: “No.”

I picked one up on my way out, and it iced over on the way to the car.

After the run, I put my pajamas back on and huddled up with more coffee and the Today Show for an hour.  I’m really fortunate this semester to have a late start to my academic Mondays, and I don’t have any studying to do yet.  I iced my knee too–it felt fine during the run today, but it’s been a little weird ever since Wednesday’s strength workout, so I’m playing it safe.

Fellow pinners: Have you noticed the new “Explore Interests” category?  Kind of a cool idea–it looks like Pinterest takes key words from things you’ve pinned and leads you to hundreds of related pins.  Some of my categories make sense, like run faster, pretzels, hearing aids, and teaching kids, but others are a little weird: kitchen command centers, dinosaur tails, and spider webs (when did I ever pin a spider web?).

Have a great week!

Given the option, treadmill or indoor track?
What is the weirdest pin interest category assigned to you?

Puppet friends, enchiladas, and a survey

Anyone else OVER WINTER?  I anxiously check the 10 day forecast every morning, and all I am asking for is a double-digit number with the first digit higher than ‘2.’ …like 7.

But aside from the million mph winds and the cold and the snow and the ice, it’s been a great weekend here.

Ryan drove over on Friday night, and our weekend consisted of a triple-date game night, Settlers of Catan in the Barnes & Noble cafe, exploring town, watching episode 2 of Sherlock, and experimenting with food.

We found some nice puppet friends to play with

Can you play Settlers with 2 people? Yes, yes you can.  But first we searched Barnes & Noble first for a potential 3rd player (no one looked bored and lonely enough to ask).

The easiest chicken enchiladas ever.  We dumped extra beans on top, so they don’t look very pretty, but Ryan and I both enjoyed them!

Experimental snack bars with unmeasured amounts of oats, chex, bananas, applesauce, vanilla, honey, and chocolate.  Healthier than the typical assemblage of chocolate, pretzels, nutella, and marshmallows that I usually offer to Ryan as snack food.

The workout front is a little dull–No run on Thursday or Friday because I did something weird to my knee on Wednesday (I blame the squats), and I took it easy with an hour of cross training on Saturday (AMT).  I’m heading to the gym later today for the AMT or a run if my knee is up to it.

And let’s end with a fun survey.  Thanks Amy (at fitnessmeetsfrosting) for the nom!

1. Why did you decide to start blogging?

I had just finished my first semester of grad school, and it was very science-heavy.  I needed a creative outlet and wanted to start a project, so blogging was the perfect solution.  I like reading other people’s running blogs, so running seemed like a natural focus topic.

2. Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink?

God’s gift to the vending machine: Diet Coke, and the fizzier the better.  No shame.

3. What is one skill that you have always wanted to learn?

Oh, there are plenty.  Guitar-playing, storytelling, doing a handstand, riding a bike with no hands, driving somewhere without getting lost, photography, cooking things that taste good, carpentry,…the list goes on.

4. Favorite Pattern?

Stripes or chevron (fancy stripes!)

5. What was your favorite class in high school?

A tie between music theory and psychology.

6. Favorite Animal?

A little hesitant to admit that I don’t really like animals.  Now that that’s out, I’ll pick a kangaroo because it starts with “k,” and basically nothing starts with k except for king, ketchup, and kite.

I nominate: YOU! In the comments. Go!

Recent things

First off, thoughts and prayers to anyone and everyone affected by the shooting at Purdue yesterday, especially friends and family of the victim and the students who witnessed it.  Wow.  How sad, shocking, and scary.  Purdue did a nice job of responding quickly updating us through the emergency text alert system and email, and we were put on a campus-wide lockdown for a while.  Classes were cancelled for the remainder of Tuesday and all of Wednesday in leu of the situation.

Though there were no classes on Wednesday, the rest of campus including the rec center was up and running, so Andrea and I met there this morning.  I gave her a tour of the building so she would be all set for the YOGA class she’s taking all semester (jealous!).  Maybe she can remember all of the moves and lead a mini yoga class at lunch on Fridays.

Today’s workout was half an hour-ish with weights (mostly arms; some legs) and then an hour on the AMT…done to the tunes of my updated iPod playlists!  Thanks to Ryan for the jams.  “Today’s hits” are more energizing when they are actually today’s hits and not 2006’s.

Yesterday was a run + circuit strength on the indoor track:IMAG0609
When I marathon-trained last spring, I included at least 2 indoor track workouts per week that included 4-5 rounds of: a half-mile run + sets lunges/squats/push ups/tri dips/fire hydrants/etc.  Aside from building strength, this routine also got me used to running on tired legs, and it was reasonably fun!  I started back up again this week, and I still don’t like lunges.

Later this evening, Bre, Andrea, Lauren, and I got together with snacks and wine to work on our plan of study(s)!  Woo!  Misery loves company, right?IMAG0669
Me and Chunk, hard at work.  And Andrea who was actually doing the work.

Course master AP

Lauren was successful, and it was very exciting.

Wine, beach chair, …and plan of study.

What’s worse: scraping off your car or shoveling the driveway?

7 miles and Catan

Three day weekends are always a reason to celebrate, and we have Dr. Martin Luther King to thank for this one.  I slept in and ran a late morning slushy 7 miles in our glorious 30 degree heat wave!  Seven miles felt hard and long, but my hamstrings handled it okay and that’s the most important part.  Kind of a bleak and dreary morning, but it was nice to be outside.

The run was fueled by a cranberry bagel and a bunch of banana flavored salt water taffy from last night.  Yesterday I learned that banana salt water taffy is like the taffy loser flavor that no ones likes–except me and Bre (though I’m not sure I’ve come across a candy that I don’t like).

Bre, Ed, Andrea, and I played Settlers of Catan last night.  It was my first time playing, and it was really fun. I won the first round only thanks to Bre’s incredibly selfless trade that gave me 10 victory points right before Ed’s potential win.  Ed won the second game because Ed is the all-time game champion.


The second game from this weekend (also known as the weekend I had a social life) was Spot It.  My church girl friends got together at Meg’s this afternoon to watch Pitch Perfect, chat, and eat snacks, so we added a quick few rounds of a little game called Spot It.


The recommended age range for Spot It is 7-12, but it’s really fun for all ages, especially 23.

Best artificial fruit flavor? Cherry, hands down.

Freezing run and frozen eyelashes

10 degrees and 0 with the windchill?  The only way to get my butt out of bed and out for a run is if I’m running with people.  I met with the group this morning for a short and cold 5-mile loop (mad props to the other runners who continued on for a total of 15-20 miles!) this morning.  I wore 3 layers on top and gloves plus thick mittens on my hands, so my core and hands were nice and toasty, but my face and legs were freezing.  Like actually freezing, I think–after we finished, I couldn’t feel my legs when I poked them.


And my eyelashes froze.

Good run, but 5 miles was definitely enough for me!  I was so exhausted from trying to keep my body warm that when I got home, I only had the energy to take a long shower, drink a whole pot of coffee, and rehash the hypothermic experience with Ryan over Skype.

I’m happy to spend most of the rest of the day inside surrounded by warm things, like blankets, hot chocolate, and the pajama pants I’m heating up my dryer (is that safe?): the perfect environment to work on my first presentation of the spring semester.  My classmates and I became professional presentation-givers (also known as presenters) in the fall, so this sucker should basically write itself.

We celebrated the first week of classes over dinner with the first years a few days ago.  It was snowing then, too (surprise!), so we were all covered with pretty snowflakes.

Favorite month of the year and why? Mine is not January.