13 from 2013

Hello January and hello 2014!

As I sit here on the first of January, reminiscing the past year… Just kidding, I’m sitting on my couch watching the Twilight Zone marathon on SyFy, as I have been doing all day.

Almost all day.  Dad and I had our first workout of 2014–we are 1 for 1 for 2014.  (Last year started on a rest day because I sneezed really hard on New Year’s Eve 2012 and pulled an ab muscle…I was out for 3 weeks.  It was insane.)

Today was a garage circuit workout at noon: 4 x (run 1 mile, 20 walking lunges per leg, 20 push ups, 20 ab, 20 ab, 20 squats, 20 tri dips).  I thought my lungs were going to pop if my legs didn’t fall off first, but fortunately everything stayed together.


But I would like to recap 2013 somehow.  I thought about doing a “one picture per month post” like last year, but my months weren’t weighted equally with eventful things, so instead, here are 13 things from 2013.

13 from 2013:

  1. I turned 23 in February and celebrated with a pottery date with Ryan and a dinner party with Andrea, Bre, and Lauren.
  2. My classmates and I had one of the happiest days ever in May when we passed a giant and scary first year exam that covered everything we had learned.  Now we’re done with the first year and a half of grad school, and we have grown so so much.  I am proud of us, and I’m excited to learn more and eventually start my career.  In 2016.
  3. Ryan and I had a workout date one Friday in February, and he hurt his knee playing basketball and had to have surgery.  He crutched around like it was no big deal and didn’t complain once about not being active for weeks and weeks and weeks.  He set a good example for me because when I am injured, I am a moper and like to make it known…not my best character trait.  But we had plenty of study parties and card games during those immobile weeks.
  4. I ran a few races this year: 4 half marathons (hereherehere, and here), 1 full marathon and PR (here), 1 10k (here), and 3 5ks (herehere, and here).
  5. I got a 3:34 marathon PR and qualified for Boston.  I won’t be running Boston this year because it filled up, but I loved the race, and I had the best support team.  I hope to qualify again this year and register for Boston 2015.
  6. Running and race training didn’t exactly go as planned–I feel like I battled running injuries all year long–the sneeze that pulled a muscle, achilles problems, hamstring weakness, and hurt glutes.  I took more rest days than I ever have, and I was surprisingly okay with it.
  7. Ryan and I cooked random things and tried to eat a lot of vegetables (#Veggiesummer2013).  Pictured below: Ryan and me with veggie burger mush, cucumber smoothie, black bean meatballs, pb&b and chocolate double-decker sandwich, literal frozen yogurt, and a broccoli & cheese sandwich.
  8. Two camping trips: a 2-person tent camping trip and a 30+ people cabin camping trip.  One was full of nature, s’mores, hiking trails, and trail mix, and the other was full of running, card tournaments, an impromptu concert, and a very long campfire event.  Both different, both fun.
  9. Visiting family in PA for the 4th of July and Grandma’s 80th.
  10. Ryan, Tucker, and I became very big fans of Skype now that we live in different cities.  If anyone has suggestions of games you can play over Skype, please throw them our way.
    Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 7.50.33 PM
  11. I visited college friends in Michigan a few times in the summer and fall, and got to run on my old Central Michigan University routes.  I miss Michigan (except winter) and will need to go back to catch up with the friends I didn’t get to see.
  12. Thanksgiving at Ryan’s and traveling to visit his sister and her family.
  13. Christmas break with family and friends–high school friends, local friends, and college friends.


Best memories of the year?


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