Frigid Friday

We got hit with some winter wrath overnight into Thursday morning–several inches of snow and single digit temps.  It was 1 degree when I woke up this morning, so props to any runners who ventured outside because I was not one of them.

My 2014 workout streak ended on January 2nd.  Womp womp.  The local schools have had two snow days in a row (Thursday and Friday), so that is reason enough to skip any and all workouts and stay cozy.

On Thursday, I went outside twice: once to snow blow the driveway in my pajamas.  It was my first time ever using a snow blower, but my next door neighbor offered his to us, and I didn’t want to shovel.

And once again to take the three elementary school kiddos I was babysitting sledding.  Three out of the four of us loved it!  One out of the four of us was wearing yoga pants and was very very cold.

Even though Friday was another snow day and pretty gross out, the roads were clear enough to drive to the YMCA for an indoor workout.  I spent an hour on the AMT and then did 3 sets of hamstring curls with the exercise ball.  I think that hamstring ball curls are the hardest move ever, so my hamstrings have a lot of ground to cover.

And we’ll close out this post with a book.

You know the YouTube hit What does the Fox Say?  It’s now a children’s book, which I think is a pretty genius idea.  Bridging pop culture and literacy!  IMAG0631

Do you run outside in single digits?
What does the fox say?



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