The end to snowpocalypse

Today was Day 2 of being stuck inside, so I’ll spare you the play-by-play.  The Polar Vortex is still out there, but my dad and I were able to drive to Walmart for a shovel to dig out my car, Bre’s car, and a few of my neighbors who were stuck in the parking lot.

He left for home after I-65 re-opened and is now back safely after a mini vacation of cards, football, and all of the other fun things we did yesterday.

Back up to before the card game and before the shoveling– we learned 2 new workout moves from Kathie Lee, Hoda, and their fitness trainer guest on the Today Show!

  1. The Tispy Starfish.  This is when you stand with your arms open like a starfish and dip down to one side while balancing on the stabilizing leg, keeping the other legs and both arms straight.  Oddly enough, the first image to pop up on google wasn’t a standing ab move, but this:
  2. Hee Haw Cheerio.  These 3 words must have never been put on the internet together before because the first google hit was a video of the Today Show clip.  It’s another ab move.  Instead, here is a picture of my favorite kind of Cheerios:

Though I did not incorporate more than a few experimental tipsy starfish or hee haw cheerios in a workout, I did manage to muster up enough cabin fever to complete indoor workout #2 today.

5 Rounds of:
15 squats + 15 push ups
15 v-ups + 15 up-down planks
15  bird-dogs + 15 side plank dips (both sides)
15 hamstring ball curls + 15 tri dips
15 wide sqats + 15 ball crunches
15 clamshells + 15 lateral leg raises

I completed 5 sets of each line before moving to the next line (only 3 sets of the clamshells and lateral leg raises).  Plenty of short rests and a few long rests (during the good songs in the Glee episode I was watching).  My legs were sore from yesterday’s indoor workout, and I think they’ll be sore tomorrow too!

Favorite kind of cheerios?


4 thoughts on “The end to snowpocalypse

  1. hahahahaha. I saw tipsy starfish and instantly knew what you were talking about. The best part is Kathie Lee & Hoda trying to do the moves in dresses and heels.

    • Haha! And Hoda with the other move: “I’ll just pretend I’m kneeling.”
      Maybe we can practice them tomorrow in the grad room–an early start to core work for your race in May!

      • My race in May? I wasn’t aware that I was registered for anything. Okay, okay, find me a 5K……….

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