Exciting news!

I registered for marathon #5 yesterday!

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 2.46.13 PM

The Bayshore Marathon in Traverse City, Michigan!  Two of my Purdue running friends are doing it and talked me into joining them.  It didn’t take very much convincing because I have heard fabulous Bayshore race reports from my Michigan friends.  From what I hear, it’s flat and beautiful!  Perfect conditions for another BQ and possibly a PR!

The race is on May 24th , so even though I haven’t been running much (like at all) since the Indy Monumental Half in November, there is plenty of time to get my hamstrings strong before training begins in full swing!

The roads are finally clear enough to venture out with a car, so I went to the rec center yesterday (AMT + hamstring ball curls) and today (3 miles on the indoor track + strength circuits every half mile + hamstring ball curls).

This is my new fitness friend.  We will be doing hamstring ball curls together as often as possible until I can do a reverse plank leg lift (on elbows) on both sides.


Are you planning spring races yet?


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