M&M oats

The snow from last weekend’s winter madness is melting away in our balmy 40 degree weather, and there is a very sad and decrepit snowman in the parking lot.  To celebrate, I ran 6 slow miles outside this morning (doubling my 2014 mileage count), and my hamstrings felt pretty okay!

I ran in two Mizunos, unlike the one Mizuno and one Brooks I accidentally sported yesterday at the gym!  Don’t they look alike?  Yeah, I thought so too when I packed them together.  At least I brought one right shoe and one left shoe, but I stuck to lifting weights and not running.

As exciting as those two workouts sound, the best part of the weekend was this visitor:Photo on 1-11-14 at 4.41 PM #2

We discovered a new TV show on Netflix per a friend’s recommendation called Sherlock.  Each episode is 1.5 hours, which sounds long, but it’s such a good show that even people who can’t sit still for 30 minutes (us) were totally absorbed.  The show is kind of creepy though, so I may have to stick with Once Upon a Time and Glee when I’m alone…or hook my Glee trio members, Bre and Chunk, to Sherlock.

And changing subjects from detectives to oatmeal, Ryan is the only person I’ve ever met who likes peanut butter oatmeal as much as I do (and eats it as much as I do).  However, he branched out this morning with M&M oatmeal instead, and it looked like strawberry salmon paste with chunks.  He said it was good. …

My oatmeal (before adding peanut butter) is on the left for color comparison.

Ever brought non-pair shoes to the gym accidentally?


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