It’s Christmas!

Today was kind of like Christmas!  I got a package in the mail and went for a very cold run.  …Then again, I ordered the package myself, and it will be cold until April.

Regardless, I was excited about the package: A variety pack K Cups for my Keurig (Ryan!) including Cookie Crunch, Coconut FudgePumpkin Pie, and a bunch more!, my 2014 running log (to replace the pile of sticky notes on my kitchen table), and a book.

I can start my new book after I finish the book I am currently reading, per recommendation of Ryan and my dad:

It’s kind of a biography of two super triathletes, so I am a little surprised that this book has sucked me in because I’m usually a fiction fan (erhm, and young adult because they are quick reads and so so good.  The Hunger Games.. The Giver..).

I picked up the package at the end of my run, and my whole body just about went numb on the five minute walk from the office to my apartment because it was freezing outside.  The run, though, was awesome.  I intended to go 3-4 slow miles just to feel like I didn’t sit down all day, but once I got moving, I didn’t want to stop.  The hamstrings felt okay, so I went 6 miles at an 8:15 pace, including a 7:30 mile 5–way faster than I thought I could do right now.  The cold air made my lungs feel alive again, which is one of the best feelings.

The previous workouts this week have been inside AMT and strength exercises, and tomorrow will likely be a rest day unless I can squeeze something in.  I say that like I am actually busy–when really, I’m meeting with friends for coffee and other friends for dinner to max out my social life before I have to study again.

Fiction or non?


2 thoughts on “It’s Christmas!

  1. Love receiving packages! Even if I did pay for them…Damn. I hope I’ll be as speedy as you one day! I want to say that an 8:15 was my slow day haha! I always thought that I loved non-fiction, but then I fell in love with the Hunger Games and other fiction…

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