Freezing run and frozen eyelashes

10 degrees and 0 with the windchill?  The only way to get my butt out of bed and out for a run is if I’m running with people.  I met with the group this morning for a short and cold 5-mile loop (mad props to the other runners who continued on for a total of 15-20 miles!) this morning.  I wore 3 layers on top and gloves plus thick mittens on my hands, so my core and hands were nice and toasty, but my face and legs were freezing.  Like actually freezing, I think–after we finished, I couldn’t feel my legs when I poked them.


And my eyelashes froze.

Good run, but 5 miles was definitely enough for me!  I was so exhausted from trying to keep my body warm that when I got home, I only had the energy to take a long shower, drink a whole pot of coffee, and rehash the hypothermic experience with Ryan over Skype.

I’m happy to spend most of the rest of the day inside surrounded by warm things, like blankets, hot chocolate, and the pajama pants I’m heating up my dryer (is that safe?): the perfect environment to work on my first presentation of the spring semester.  My classmates and I became professional presentation-givers (also known as presenters) in the fall, so this sucker should basically write itself.

We celebrated the first week of classes over dinner with the first years a few days ago.  It was snowing then, too (surprise!), so we were all covered with pretty snowflakes.

Favorite month of the year and why? Mine is not January.



3 thoughts on “Freezing run and frozen eyelashes

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