7 miles and Catan

Three day weekends are always a reason to celebrate, and we have Dr. Martin Luther King to thank for this one.  I slept in and ran a late morning slushy 7 miles in our glorious 30 degree heat wave!  Seven miles felt hard and long, but my hamstrings handled it okay and that’s the most important part.  Kind of a bleak and dreary morning, but it was nice to be outside.

The run was fueled by a cranberry bagel and a bunch of banana flavored salt water taffy from last night.  Yesterday I learned that banana salt water taffy is like the taffy loser flavor that no ones likes–except me and Bre (though I’m not sure I’ve come across a candy that I don’t like).

Bre, Ed, Andrea, and I played Settlers of Catan last night.  It was my first time playing, and it was really fun. I won the first round only thanks to Bre’s incredibly selfless trade that gave me 10 victory points right before Ed’s potential win.  Ed won the second game because Ed is the all-time game champion.


The second game from this weekend (also known as the weekend I had a social life) was Spot It.  My church girl friends got together at Meg’s this afternoon to watch Pitch Perfect, chat, and eat snacks, so we added a quick few rounds of a little game called Spot It.


The recommended age range for Spot It is 7-12, but it’s really fun for all ages, especially 23.

Best artificial fruit flavor? Cherry, hands down.


2 thoughts on “7 miles and Catan

  1. Oh my gosh, your eyelashes froze?! You are WAY braver than me lady, I would have definitely called it a treadmill day (if I could have gotten out of bed haha)

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