Recent things

First off, thoughts and prayers to anyone and everyone affected by the shooting at Purdue yesterday, especially friends and family of the victim and the students who witnessed it.  Wow.  How sad, shocking, and scary.  Purdue did a nice job of responding quickly updating us through the emergency text alert system and email, and we were put on a campus-wide lockdown for a while.  Classes were cancelled for the remainder of Tuesday and all of Wednesday in leu of the situation.

Though there were no classes on Wednesday, the rest of campus including the rec center was up and running, so Andrea and I met there this morning.  I gave her a tour of the building so she would be all set for the YOGA class she’s taking all semester (jealous!).  Maybe she can remember all of the moves and lead a mini yoga class at lunch on Fridays.

Today’s workout was half an hour-ish with weights (mostly arms; some legs) and then an hour on the AMT…done to the tunes of my updated iPod playlists!  Thanks to Ryan for the jams.  “Today’s hits” are more energizing when they are actually today’s hits and not 2006’s.

Yesterday was a run + circuit strength on the indoor track:IMAG0609
When I marathon-trained last spring, I included at least 2 indoor track workouts per week that included 4-5 rounds of: a half-mile run + sets lunges/squats/push ups/tri dips/fire hydrants/etc.  Aside from building strength, this routine also got me used to running on tired legs, and it was reasonably fun!  I started back up again this week, and I still don’t like lunges.

Later this evening, Bre, Andrea, Lauren, and I got together with snacks and wine to work on our plan of study(s)!  Woo!  Misery loves company, right?IMAG0669
Me and Chunk, hard at work.  And Andrea who was actually doing the work.

Course master AP

Lauren was successful, and it was very exciting.

Wine, beach chair, …and plan of study.

What’s worse: scraping off your car or shoveling the driveway?


6 thoughts on “Recent things

  1. So glad you are safe! It never ceases to amazing me how scary and cruel the world can be. On a lighter note- man you’re a beast. Your running workout is exhausting just reading about it. Can I borrow Chunk just to give him lots of hugs? Too freaking adorable.

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