Puppet friends, enchiladas, and a survey

Anyone else OVER WINTER?  I anxiously check the 10 day forecast every morning, and all I am asking for is a double-digit number with the first digit higher than ‘2.’ …like 7.

But aside from the million mph winds and the cold and the snow and the ice, it’s been a great weekend here.

Ryan drove over on Friday night, and our weekend consisted of a triple-date game night, Settlers of Catan in the Barnes & Noble cafe, exploring town, watching episode 2 of Sherlock, and experimenting with food.

We found some nice puppet friends to play with

Can you play Settlers with 2 people? Yes, yes you can.  But first we searched Barnes & Noble first for a potential 3rd player (no one looked bored and lonely enough to ask).

The easiest chicken enchiladas ever.  We dumped extra beans on top, so they don’t look very pretty, but Ryan and I both enjoyed them!

Experimental snack bars with unmeasured amounts of oats, chex, bananas, applesauce, vanilla, honey, and chocolate.  Healthier than the typical assemblage of chocolate, pretzels, nutella, and marshmallows that I usually offer to Ryan as snack food.

The workout front is a little dull–No run on Thursday or Friday because I did something weird to my knee on Wednesday (I blame the squats), and I took it easy with an hour of cross training on Saturday (AMT).  I’m heading to the gym later today for the AMT or a run if my knee is up to it.

And let’s end with a fun survey.  Thanks Amy (at fitnessmeetsfrosting) for the nom!

1. Why did you decide to start blogging?

I had just finished my first semester of grad school, and it was very science-heavy.  I needed a creative outlet and wanted to start a project, so blogging was the perfect solution.  I like reading other people’s running blogs, so running seemed like a natural focus topic.

2. Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink?

God’s gift to the vending machine: Diet Coke, and the fizzier the better.  No shame.

3. What is one skill that you have always wanted to learn?

Oh, there are plenty.  Guitar-playing, storytelling, doing a handstand, riding a bike with no hands, driving somewhere without getting lost, photography, cooking things that taste good, carpentry,…the list goes on.

4. Favorite Pattern?

Stripes or chevron (fancy stripes!)

5. What was your favorite class in high school?

A tie between music theory and psychology.

6. Favorite Animal?

A little hesitant to admit that I don’t really like animals.  Now that that’s out, I’ll pick a kangaroo because it starts with “k,” and basically nothing starts with k except for king, ketchup, and kite.

I nominate: YOU! In the comments. Go!


2 thoughts on “Puppet friends, enchiladas, and a survey

  1. Koala too! I only know that from all of my elementary school years of “Hi, my name is Kelly and I like koalas” remember that game? Also, I 100% agree with the fizzy diet drink comment, I used to not understand how people had an opinion on can vs. fountain and now that I’m a diet dr. pepper expert, I totally do.

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