And it keeps getting colder

What up, 0 degree high without the windchill?  Tomorrow is supposed to be ugly: a “feel like” temp of -27 degrees when I wake up!  Yikes.  THE Ohio State University, University of Michigan, and Ohio University (all according to my Facebook news feed) are closed tomorrow due to the cold.  Pretty sure Purdue will be open, so I’m glad to stay in one building all day and hope the undergrads bundle up!  Oh, the days of walking across campus for class.  (Oh, the days of walking.)

I countered the cold this morning with a sweaty run on the indoor track: 5 miles at an 8:10 pace, and it felt like speedwork.  Womp womp.  It’s amazing how marathon pace was and (hopefully) will be faster than that–it’s incredible what training can do!


The indoor track overlooks the lobby of the rec center, and there was a little booth set up with a guy promoting free coffee samples.  Since there seem to be more people entering the gym than leaving it in the morning, and no one wants a coffee before a workout, this is what I heard for an hour:
Man with coffee: “Do you want a free coffee sample? It’s Seattle’s Best!”
Every soul: “No.”

I picked one up on my way out, and it iced over on the way to the car.

After the run, I put my pajamas back on and huddled up with more coffee and the Today Show for an hour.  I’m really fortunate this semester to have a late start to my academic Mondays, and I don’t have any studying to do yet.  I iced my knee too–it felt fine during the run today, but it’s been a little weird ever since Wednesday’s strength workout, so I’m playing it safe.

Fellow pinners: Have you noticed the new “Explore Interests” category?  Kind of a cool idea–it looks like Pinterest takes key words from things you’ve pinned and leads you to hundreds of related pins.  Some of my categories make sense, like run faster, pretzels, hearing aids, and teaching kids, but others are a little weird: kitchen command centers, dinosaur tails, and spider webs (when did I ever pin a spider web?).

Have a great week!

Given the option, treadmill or indoor track?
What is the weirdest pin interest category assigned to you?


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