paper clips and the mighty buffalos

Super cold weather=empty gym!


I had a hard hour of intervals on the AMT this morning: 5 min warm up, 3 x 10 min of :30 sprint/:30 easy (all moderate resistance), then high resistance for the rest of the hour.
Though it was nice to have the room to myself, I didn’t like that I could hear myself panting (usually it’s covered up by treadmill noise and other people), and I swear it echoed.

And that concludes the entire amount of moving I did all day.  I worked for a few hours at school and then spent a terribly long time in the computer lab with Bre trying to figure out something for our “computer programming class.”  Who hates MATLAB?  We do, we do!

But before that frustration, Jaime and I discussed our crazy static hair, and she showed me the dryer sheet she had been rubbing on her head all morning.  I remembered seeing something on Pinterest about attaching a safety-pin to your shirt to eliminate static, so we tried it using paper clips because we didn’t have safety pins.


The verdict: The paper clips helped!   Not sure if our hair actually was less staticy, but it sure seemed like it.

As we fastened office supplies to our shirts, we talked about the super bowl and tried to remember who was playing.  Evidently neither of us are football fans because we finally decided on the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Buffalos..  I’m glad we fixed that mistake with google; that could have been embarrassing.

And finally, a very happy birthday to Lauren!  We had a delicious Potbelly dinner celebration!

Bre and Andrea

The birthday girl and me

If someone gave you free tickets to the superbowl (outside) and it was supposed to be 20 degrees, would you go?


8 thoughts on “paper clips and the mighty buffalos

  1. Lol you crack me up! I have never heard about the dryer sheet thing- what a brilliant idea! I’ve rubbed them on my body when my shirt was acting up, but didn’t think to attach it to myself haha. My friend is going to the SuperBowl this year (her dad works for the BRONCOs, not Buffalos hahaha). Super jealous!

  2. I hate MATLAB! Ugh I remember that from undergrad, not a fan. Haha about the SuperBowl- my roommate and I saw a commercial for the Gabby Douglas movie on Lifetime (don’t judge) and were disappointed when we realized it would only be on Saturday night and Sunday during the SuperBowl and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are playing at halftime so obviously have to watch that! I’d go if my team was in, but this year maybe for halftime show (but I’d need some drinks to keep me warm 😉 )

  3. no I wouldn’t go! Ha. never heard of the safety pin trick — that’s pretty random and hilarious. the other day i scorched myself on a hot pan and looked up how to treat a burn… and saw that you can put honey on it to make it feel better? also quite random, but it worked!

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