watchless run and fun with names

It’s amazing what a little bit of sunshine can do!  I feel like a new person after spending an hour soaking up some rays on a run after class.  It was 20 degrees, but the sun was shining and it felt pretty balmy!

I ran 7 easy miles and without a watch (for the first time almost ever) because my Garmin ran out of battery at mile 3.  It was sort of refreshing to run without a sense of time.  My hand reflexively went to my wrist to stop my watch every time I approached a patch of ice–so like 50 times.  Anyone else stop your watch for every second your feet stop running?

Here is something else that is as happy as the sun:

I played with Andrea’s clementine peel during our 3-hour class this afternoon (weird?) and sipped coffee #2 of the day.  Andrea donated a coffee pot to the grad room last fall, along with coffee grounds that we kind of forgot about for a while.  Our old coffee didn’t taste very good, but it met my only 2 criteria for coffee: hot and caffeinated.

Andrea things like a blogger–she asked me if I was going to take a picture of the orange–so she should probably start her own blog.  Possibly a yoga + audiology blog.
Name ideas:
Yoga Lessons, Ear Impressions
Tympan-OM-etry (Audi-OM-etree pose…HAHA a stretch.)
A pun on balance
Yogi with an otoscope

Oh, that was fun.

How often do you run without a watch?


5 thoughts on “watchless run and fun with names

  1. Spending some time in the sun running always makes me feel 100x’s better! I haven’t ran without my watch in what seems like forever! But a couple of weeks ago I was running 13 miles, and it died at about 10.5 miles, so I ran the rest watchless. I think it’s great to just run free sometimes though!

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