February 1st is a fabulous day for 2 reasons:  We can wave good riddance to January, and it’s my BIRTHDAY! Woo to 24!  Finally old enough to…get one more birthday candle! (Are there any 24 perks?)

Bre snuck over last night to decorate my door.  She is awesome!

First up: a birthday run
Weather forecast: freezing rain and a winter weather advisory
What better way to start your birthday than by sliding along icy streets for an hour with running friends?

Seven slow miles with no falls.  The plowed streets were a sheet of ice, but the crunchy bits at the sides of the streets had a little more traction.  There were multiple times (per mile) that I hit a slick spot and threw my arms out to catch the pending fall, but I (and all of us) stayed vertical the whole time!  With company and footing to focus on, the miles flew by!

At one particularly wintery section of the route, a stranger stopped his car and took a phone picture of our group running past.  Maybe he will upload it to Instagram with #hardcorerunners. …or #dumbdecisions

My parents drove up for the afternoon to go to lunch, hang out, and run a few errands.  I got a Sam’s Club membership as a birthday present!  Totally normal, right?

And a free rotisserie chicken for joining.  Birthday chicken!

I have picked my and Ryan’s new date spot: Sam’s Club food court!  Coke Zero and soft pretzels for a double win.


Later that evening, I went over to Bre’s with Andrea and Lauren.  My classfriends asked me how I wanted to celebrate my birthday, and I requested a game night pajama party because that sounds like the best way to celebrate anything.

Lauren, me, Andrea, Bre

We enjoyed nutella/greek yogurt fondue, cookies, and jello.  And Settlers of Catan.

I had a fabulous birthday and am thankful that I got to spend it with family and friends!

Do you shop at Sam’s or Costco?
How do you like to spend your birthday?


4 thoughts on “Birthday!

  1. GAWWW HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!! Looks like you had a great birthday! LOVE Costco- a dangerous store to love…I’ve realized that I like low-key birthdays. Nothing fancy, but just spending time with family and friends. I remember for my 21st we celebrated with a bar crawl and a lot of drinking. It was then that I realized I prefer something smaller and more intimate haha.

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