indoor track and giant pops

Almost Wednesday!  Hallelujah!

I started this morning with a run on the indoor track.  Though hardly ever enjoyable, I tell myself that running on the track builds mental toughness, and a strong mind is just as important to running as strong legs are.  Once I ran 18 miles on an indoor track (5.5 laps per mile) on an icy Michigan morning, and it pushed my quitting limits pretty far.

Here’s the sweet adult jungle gym inside of the track.  Not related, but totally cool.IMAG0712

Back to mental toughness, I finished Iron War: Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and the Greatest Race Ever Run by Matt Fitzgerald.  A great read!  Dave Scott and Mark Allen, two incredibly talented triathletes, had an almost superhuman ability to push through exhaustion and out-endure their competition.  That kind of mental toughness makes an hour of running in circles seem easy-peasy.

After the post-run feeling of accomplishment, here was the other stellar moment of my day:IMAG0713
Bre and I have a computer lab date every Tuesday afternoon to survive our MATLAB assignment together, and today she brought us both a fountain pop!  She is the best!

Note: We survived the assignment, but just barely.  I would be a terrible computer programmer.

AND…Snowmageddon strikes again!  I hear half a foot is estimated for our area, so stay safe out there!

Longest treadmill or track run you’ve endured?


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