Veggie smash

Happy Saturday!

I met a group of running friends this morning for 10 cold miles.  10 “I should have worn 2 pairs of running tights” miles.  10 “I can’t feel the lower half of my body” miles.  My eyelashes froze again, and I am almost positive my butt is frostnipped, but the run was worth it.

Frozen profile (thanks, Fleet Feet!)

Though the run was slow, I BOOKED IT from my front door to my room afterward to put on warm and fuzzy pajamas, in which I huddled until I was thawed out enough to take a shower.  Now I am nice and toasty and open to the idea of going outside sometime again before May.

Ryan (here for the weekend!) and I just ate the healthiest lunch ever from leftovers of last night’s healthiest dinner ever.  We’ve made veggie burgers multiple times before that were loosely based on a recipe, but last night we smashed any and all vegetables in a bowl with some beans.  Actually, we mashed them in a large pot with an egg whisk because I didn’t have a big enough bowl or a potato masher.
Yum! (Okay, super gross.  Imagine what the leftovers looked like!)

Burger form

While on the topic of mashing things together without measurements or recipes, I mixed together old bananas, canned pumpkin, applesauce, oats, the end of the Bisquick box, Rice Crispies, and chocolate chips for this masterpiece.  I also shook in some baking powder and baking soda for good measure and baked it.

They turned out delicious!

And that’s the end of the healthy streak.  Ryan and I watched the Olympics with a giant Hawaiian Sweet Bread round loaf, a jar of Nutella, and a spoon.  USA sweaters FTW!

Did you watch the opening ceremonies?


9 thoughts on “Veggie smash

  1. Hahaha OMG you look so cold!!! Good for you for getting in that run though! What a trooper! Your food looks so freaking good!!! I love to watch the opening ceremonies, but I ended up going to bed before they were finished this year.

  2. I missed the Opening Ceremonies but I’ve watched pretty much everything else 🙂 Way to go, you are so AWESOME for running in that cold, seriously. I wish I had that drive (I’ll choose treadmill over frozen eyelashes)

    • Yeah I’ve gotten into the winter events more than I thought I would!
      And thanks– honestly, I think the treadmill is mentally harder than running outside, no matter what the weather conditions.

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