Week again

Sorry for the lamest title in the world.  But it’s Monday again, and that weekend went by way too quickly.

After Saturday morning’s (literal) butt-freezing 10-miler, I almost traded in my running shoes for a permanent pair of fuzzy slippers.  Fortunately, my body temperature returned to normal soon enough to leave my apartment that afternoon for the second installment of Karen’s weekly trip to Sam’s Club.

I bought a cheap fountain pop–the membership will pay for itself in fountain pops–and sipped my diet Coke while Ryan drank a free sample of chocolate milk.  I think it’s adorable to see someone over 6-foot drinking a little juice box.

Then more Olympics, more Sherlock, and more food items covered in Nutella.  Does anyone else think that Hawaiin sweet bread + Nutella tastes just like a donut?!

Ryan’s post-dinner snack plate

On Sunday morning, I went out for a short and quiet trudge.  A few inches of snow had fallen overnight and the roads were unpaved, so it was very icy yet peaceful outside.  All I could hear was the sound of my slipping feet and the beep of my Garmin in double-digit increments.  It was one of those runs where you don’t even want to know your mile splits.

Monday’s workout was split between free weights and cardio at the gym.  I scribbled down a list of exercises and did each group 3x and then zoned into a quick interval workout on the AMT.

Have a good week!  One day down!

Favorite way to eat Nutella?
What do you put on your toast?


5 thoughts on “Week again

  1. Haha I love chocolate milk and my sister makes fun of me when I drink it and I’m only 5’1″ plus Olympics…OMG obsessed.

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