emergency game party

Very exciting news to share: the entire 10 day forecast (minus today) is above 20 degrees.  This calls for celebration!  And only one layer of pants!

It was pretty chilly (understatement) this morning, so I headed to the indoor track for a run. For the past few months, I’ve been cross training more (AMT and weights) and running less to avoid tearing my upper left hamstring while I strengthen it with endless single leg toe touches.  The running I have been doing has been sporadic and slow, but I re-introduced myself to semi-speedwork today!  Tempo mile repeats (is that a thing?).  Six total miles with the middle 3 at a tempo pace (7:30) with a rest between each mile, and it felt great to run faster again!

Later in the afternoon, Bre and I met for our weekly MATLAB date, and my productive day  quickly body-slammed into a wall of signal processing frustration.  Whatever we were supposed to be doing/plotting/calculating was not working out for us, frustration was climbing by the minute, and not even our large fountain pops could not save this one.

These pictures were taken sometime in the first hour, while we were still physically capable of anything but the stink eye:

How do you shake off exasperation? Go for a run in the fresh air.
How do you shake off exasperation when it’s negative degrees outside? Play an emergency game of Settlers of Catan.

I brought over my new Happy Light and two flavored waters to Bre’s, and we played two games of Settlers while listening to the Frozen soundtrack and petting her dog Chunk.  Insta-better mood!


How do you cheer yourself up?
Have you seen Frozen?


3 thoughts on “emergency game party

  1. Hahaha one layer of pants! Congrats! 😉 I KIND OF know what you mean. When I was backpacking through Europe in January of last year, it was a “warm” day if you didn’t have to wear 2 layers of pants and 4+ layers on top. Yay for getting back to the speed work! You’re still recovering and you’re still faster than me! Ha! My BF has heard that Settlers of Catan is really fun. You seem to love it- is it really good??

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