I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

My run goal for this weekend was 12 miles.  Didn’t happen, but A for effort.  I ended up with 10 slow miles on Sunday afternoon through uneven snow, with mile splits that I will be taking to the grave.

On Saturday morning (original long run day), Weather.com predicted the temp to be -1 without the windchill and -14 or something crazy with the windchill.  Inspired by my running friends who were meeting in the wee hours of the morning for a 20-miler, I layered up to join them for 12 miles: tights AND pants, shirt base layer+middle layer+jacket, gloves+mittens, 2 pairs of socks, balaclava+headband+headlamp.

The route they planned circled back to our cars every 6-7 miles to pick up or drop off runners.  I joined in on the 2nd of 3 loops, and we ended after that loop for safety because it was seriously so cold.  The layers kept my body reasonably warm, but my face/cheeks (the only body part exposed) felt weird and lethargic, so I called it quits.

photo-3 - Version 2

Since we started super early and also ended early, the gym wasn’t even open yet to run the last 6 on the treadmill, so I decided to save the 12 miles for Sunday morning.

What do you do when it’s still dark out, your run is complete, and you have no obligations?  Take a nap at 7am!  Actually I tried but couldn’t fall asleep, so I rode the post-run high and was massively productive: grocery shopped, cooked, baked, listened to this about 100 more times, and worked on school stuff.

Later that day I visited a friend and her two week-old baby (so so tiny and precious!) and then spent the evening with Bre, Ed, Andrea, and Alex.  It was almost a triple date, but Ryan wasn’t able to visit this weekend.  No worries, I had a good time with my date, Andrea’s pet bird Helen:
Helen sat on my shoulder and we talked about the olympics while she pooped on me.

Dog person or cat person?


5 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. Haha I love the last line of this post, it really made me laugh out loud. And girlfriend, your frozen eyelash pictures make me so cold, I can’t believe you can run in that weather, you’re awesome!

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