Melt-fest 2014 and mustard greens

One last snow storm on Monday:
(The person with the umbrella knows what’s up)

And a giant melt-fest on Tuesday:

Our Tuesday afternoon heat wave reached 47 degree, and it. was. awesome!  The sunshine did a number on our snow, so the ground is quite puddly.

I had afternoon and evening obligations, so unfortunately I enjoyed today’s run early this morning on the sunless indoor track.

Today was “easy” speed: 2 miles warm-up, 3 x 1 mile @ 7:30 (tempo pace), 2 miles cool down.  I’m slowly introducing speed back to my runs, so I don’t want to push it yet–though honestly, this is the only kind of speedwork I did leading up to my marathon PR last March, so I don’t plan to go crazy with speedwork this spring either.

It’s hard to feel awesome or fast or anything positive when running inside, so the fact that my miles felt reasonably okay was good enough for me.
I ended with about 2 minutes of ab work, 5 minutes of stretching, and 5 minutes of laying on a yoga mat…stretching my back?

Switching to leafy greens, does anyone eat mustard greens?


If it looks like lettuce, you can make a salad with it, right?  Wrong.  Those little leaves are so spicy that I thought I was going to die, and it was totally unexpected.  The bag did not have little chili pepper warning labels like menus do.  My immediate reaction, after gagging down my first bite, breathing fire, and wiping the tears from my eyes, was to sprint to my computer and google “can you eat mustard greens raw?”  Apparently you can, but I don’t think a whole salad of them is recommended.

Have you eaten mustard greens?
What’s worse: wet socks or too-tight shoes?


6 thoughts on “Melt-fest 2014 and mustard greens

  1. haha I’ve never tried mustard greens and now know that they’re spicy, thanks for taking one for the team so I know 😉

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