12 miles and other weekend things

Hope you had a nice weekend!  Ryan and I explored parks, ate an absurd amount of vegetables, saw Frozen, and visited our favorite date spot, Sam’s Club!  Or is it Pizza Hut?  Doesn’t matter because we went to both.

Fueled with Friday’s Pizza Hut pizza and questionable salad bar, I hit the road on Saturday morning for the 12 miles I wanted to run last weekend!  I ran the first 6 with a group and the last 6 solo.  This was my longest run since November, and the first in a while with solid footing.  My pesky left hamstring was hurting a bit for the last 2 miles, so I rested on Sunday and it felt better.
I was just happy to get in the miles.  Unlike this season’s round-up of long runs (the really cold run, the other really cold run, the really REALLY cold run followed by the snow plod, and the ice skate), it was absolutely gorgeous outside, and I cherished every single one of the 28 degrees that we had.

After the run, Ryan and I made another round of Veggie Smash (fondly referred to as the ‘smash) and another batch of experimental banana bars.  I told Ryan that I pretty much buy bananas just for them to go bad so I can bake with them.  Two hours of Saturday morning cooking=healthy food for the entire weekend.
Gross-looking but good-tasting.  Ryan and I are perfecting the art of cheap, healthy, and looking like barf.

Speaking of those three features, I figured out a way to use the other 10 servings of the flaming mustard greens of spicy death: Mustard Green Chips!DSCN1637
I popped the greens in the oven for a while with low expectations (though the taste couldn’t have possibly gotten worse), but the crispy version was pleasantly palatable.

Then we park-hopped because it was 40 degrees (Midwest winter translation=almost summer).
Our little possum/opossum friend from the nature center.  How cute is he?!

Sweet swings

Ryan’s new set of wheels.  This was actually a children’s book shaped like a car that we found, so we had fun with depth perception illusions.  In other words, Ryan was sitting on the ground 50 feet away from me and making goofy poses in the middle of a public park.

And then we saw Frozen!  It was excellent.  I knew all the songs beforehand because Bre and I listen to the soundtrack during our Catan, homework, and froyo parties…
(from Thursday)…so it was neat to find out what the songs were really about.

Best thing you did this weekend?


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