12 weeks out

Happy Friday!

I haven’t been around lately in blogworld because I haven’t been around lately in runworld.  Projects, a busy schedule, and surrendering to winter woes took the front seat this week.  I only ran once (a sad morning of mile repeats at 10k tempo pace), lifted weights + quick & hard AMT once, and did one bodyweight circuit.  And that’s my whole week in workouts.  Today I had the scary realization that I am running a marathon in 12 weeks, so things will need to get serious very soon.

Unfortunately, another snowstorm is headed our way this weekend with an expected 6-10 inches.  Not amused, winter, not amused.  I need to get my butt in gear for some treadmill time.

Though the fitness week was a bit lifeless, I did something really exciting in clinic yesterday!  I fit a hearing aid on a 3-month old!  Hearing aid fittings are my favorite kind of appointments, and pediatric ones are extra rewarding.

The baby didn’t look like this, but the hearing aid kind of did:Baby-with-Hearing-Aid

The second happy thing about this week: Bre, Andrea and I got giant pops for our weekly MATLAB date on Monday!  ..And then Bre and I got a second one the next day when we went back to try again.  Computer programming and signal processing will never come naturally to us.

I’m meeting the early group tomorrow for a 14-miler, hopefully before the snow comes down!

Weekend plans?
Go-to fountain drink?


6 thoughts on “12 weeks out

  1. That’s so exciting about fitting that baby for a hearing aid, that’s awesome! And no judgement on the refills, it’s hard to say no to just one 🙂 Hope the snow doesn’t hit too hard!

    • patient care is awesome, as I’m sure you can relate! I’m hoping this winter storm was a fluke (not likely), but I’m sure you’ll see photo updates on the snow 😉

  2. This winter is so brutal! I know what you mean about needing to get serious, my half is 12 weeks out and I can run it fine, but I’ve been slacking on pace and weight lifting a bit and if I don’t get serious, there will be nothing approaching a PR.

  3. Your job sounds SO COOL!!! I thought about doing speech pathology for a while, but already graduated without taking a lot of the prereqs.

    My favorite soft drink is diet coke. So healthy 😉

    Good luck running out there!

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