14 miles and too much Panera

Too much Panera? Is it possible? We’ll get to that soon.

First, the run.  I popped out of bed at 4:45am to meet a group for a long run in the warmest weather we’ve seen in 2 months– nearly 30 degrees!  Hooray!  If Snowmageddon2014 has done anything positive, it’s totally increased my cold weather tolerance because I was overheating in 2 layers.

A dozen of us showed up this morning and lit up the town with our headlamps.  It was fun to have so many people to chat with, and 10 miles flew by!  I tacked on an extra 4 at the end for a total of 14 miles!


When I got home, I stretched and cleaned my apartment and then met my friend Jaime at Panera for lunch and studying.


I am a big big fan of Panera, but I usually just eat lunch and leave.  Today, Jaime and I ended up staying for 7 hours and got both lunch and dinner.

I usually cycle between the same 3 or 4 menu items because I like them so much, but today I tried something new (Mediterranean Shrimp Couscous salad) along with something old (Mediterranean Veggie sandwich) for lunch.  The salad was okay, but it didn’t make the repeat list.

We got into a study groove and stayed in our booth until the lunch and late lunch-goers left and the oddly-timed late-afternoon crowd arrived.  Sitting in a booth for hours and only getting up to refill my fountain pop was probably the worst possible way to recover from a long run, but at least I got a lot of work done.

The next thing we knew, the dinner crowd trickled in.  And then Jaime and I realized we were really hungry and got back in line.


Total hours at Panera: 7
Items checked off my to-do list: 2.5
Number of pop refills: don’t ask
Number of receipts between the two of us: 5
Number of college girls wearing leggings: 50+.  Apparently this is a sorority food favorite.

Have you ever stayed in a restaurant long enough to eat 2 meals there?


10 thoughts on “14 miles and too much Panera

  1. I love studying at Panera for extended periods of time 🙂 you’ve inspired me to go do that SOON! My grad school work is really piling up 😛

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