another snowy run

Snow, we meet again.

Actually, the snow never left and has completely overstayed its welcome, but more came down during my run this evening.  Sometimes running in the snow is peaceful and wonderful, but sometimes–like today–it’s thoroughly terrible.  Little snow pellets whipped my face and eyeballs for an entire hour, and I thought I might end up with bullet holes in my contacts.  I ran a slow 7 miles to recover from yesterday’s speed-ish workout.

Other running this week:
Monday: 30 minutes of weights + 45 min AMT machine
Tueday: Tempo ladder on the indoor track, as described by this graphic created last summer:
tempo ladder run
I warmed up with 20 minutes before starting the ladder, and I skipped the second 5-min interval because I was really tired.  This was a good run for the indoor track because I didn’t have to count any laps!

My hamstring has been feeling pretty good lately (knock on wood), which I owe to the seemingly endless single leg toe touches I’ve done while watching Netflix at night.  Win win.

2 more days until the weekend, 2 more days until Ryan visits, 3 more days until Laura and my dad visit, 9 more days until spring break, and 15 days until the first day of spring! So many things to look forward to!

Are you counting down to anything? What?


3 thoughts on “another snowy run

  1. That snowy run sounds pretty rough- don’t hate me for saying this but with the little snow we’ve had in NC we had those little ice pellets one day when I walked to the grocery store and I said out loud, THANK GOD I don’t live where this is an every winter occurrence. So props to you for running in it! I want to try your ladder run, I recently discovered that my Y has an indoor track (don’t judge me haha I only go to a few places in it and it’s like 7 stories tall so not my fault 🙂 ) Hopefully the snow leaves soon!

  2. I think I want to to move to NC. Haha the ladder run was a good speedy run for the indoor track! for as much bad weater as we’ve had, I actually haven’t been on the treadmill at all this winter, thanks to the indoor track. So I’m glad you found one too!

  3. I’ve been on the treadmill WAY too much this year. I’m not counting down to anything soon, but looking forward to big things like moving, my next race in May, and things like that 🙂

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