swing dreams and a tempo

I had a dream last night–worst way to start a conversation but hear me out–that I was riding one of those swing rides from amusement parks (pictured below), but I opted to hold on to a rope instead of sitting in a chair in order to “fit in a quick workout.”  What?  You know you’re busy when you are dreaming up ridiculous ways to multitask.  And for the record, back in third grade when we did the presidential fitness test, my hold-on-to-the-bar PR was three seconds. …


The swings are my favorite amusement park ride because you feel like you’re flying, and the line is super quick-moving because there are so many seats!  Unlimited seats, really, if the extra people want to bring a rope and hold on tight.

Another weird thing happened later today.  I went for a run, and I had to stop early because my contact fell out.  Has that ever happened to anyone?  I warmed up for a mile, ran 3 at a slow tempo pace, and then stopped to catch my breath and wipe my eyes–bad move because the eye-wipe somehow peeled my contact off my eye.  I pulled a few fuzzies off and contemplated putting it back in, but a hairy contact is really painful, so I tossed it and staggered my way back home in a blurry daze.  Speed bumps are dangerous with no depth perception.

Back to the books!  I’m working hard to finish a confusing and vague-yet-detailed project for Monday.

Favorite amusement park ride?


3 thoughts on “swing dreams and a tempo

  1. That’s happened to me way too many times… I’ve contemplated running with one in (but you’re half blind and it makes you feel tipsy) and taking the other out (which is scarydepending on how blind you are, in my case VERY) so I usually end up walking home with one eye closed, all Popeyes ish. My favorite amusement park ride is definitely roller coaster… Or if were talking fair the zipper

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