16 miles and weekend

Monday and spring forward time change? Oh man.

I hope everyone had a fun weekend!  I started mine with a long run eaaaarly Saturday morning.  I woke up at 4am and met my running friends for 16 miles before 8:00am.  It’s nice to have friends who are crazy enough to suggest such things. The weather was perfectly cool, and I was happy with how the run felt; this was the longest run I’ve done since my last marathon!  I kept an 8:30 average pace today, and everything felt totally fine except some hamstring achyness during the last few miles.


Then Ryan arrived for the weekend!

On Sunday, my dad and sister drove over for the Purdue basketball game and pizza!  I’m not big on basketball, so I mostly talked to Laura and Ryan and measured the sound level in the arena for a project.  If anyone is wondering how loud a college basketball game is, it hovered around 85-90 dB SPL and reached 94 dB SPL when the band played.  In human speak, very loud.  94 dB SPL is only safe for one hour before it could damage your hearing, so bring earplugs if you’re a regular sport attendee.


And then we got a 20-inch pizza with a side of cards.  My dad taught us the latest Tonto rule, as approved by the Tonto Committee (i.e. my dad, Greg, Ryan, and two cousins).


Sunday was a rest day from running, and Monday was an easy 7 miles.  My hamstring feels mostly good, so I’m hoping for something speedy tomorrow.

Favorite sport to watch?



11 thoughts on “16 miles and weekend

  1. Hope your hamstring feels 100% asap! I’m a football girl plus I love me some hockey but prefer it live, it’s hard to follow the puck on tv!

  2. Oh man! You’re a beast (which I already knew)! 16 miles before I even debated getting out of bed. Damn that’s loud!! I used to hate when my parents would stuff tissues in my ears at some sporting events and concerts when I was a kid. Guess they were right…

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