home, some running, and a Greek wrap

I left for the great state of Ohio on Tuesday morning after bidding farewell to Ryan, packing up, and going for a quick run.

I ran tempo mile repeats (i.e. the “I don’t want to get re-injured” speed plan).  2 mile warm up, 3 x 1 mile @ 7:18-7:20 pace, 1.5 mile cool down.  I ran the miles at a hard effort but not all-out, and I split the last repeat into two half-miles.  Big improvement from what I’ve been doing lately, and a great run!

Then I loaded my car with everything and anything I might need for a few days and hit the road.  I promised myself a Greek wrap from the Skyline Chili drive-thru when I got close to home, and that was all the motivation I needed to power through the drive.

99.9% of Cincinnati goes to Skyline for Cincinnati Chili over spaghetti and topped with a mass amount of cheese…

and 0.1% of the population is okay with being shunned by its city for choosing the Greek wrap.  I am pretty sure that some of the workers don’t even know that this item exists.IMAG0830

I spent most of my first full day home being a studentDSCN1655

and rolling out my ultra tight glute muscles with this little ball of pain

and completing a garage circuit workout.
7 rounds of:
20 squats
10 push ups
10 back lunges
10 side lunges
10 side plank dips
10 v-ups
10 bridges
10 burpees
Run down the street and back.

It was pretty dreary and sprinkly out, but the rain felt good on the little run segments.  I love (er, can tolerate) doing circuit workouts in my garage at home on non-run days, and I prefer them to going to the gym or Y.  Tomorrow is a run day, and then I’ll rest up for this weekend’s *hopeful* 20 miles!

Favorite kind of cheese?


11 thoughts on “home, some running, and a Greek wrap

  1. Hahaha I would prob choose the wrap too if that makes you feel better. Hot damn speedy lady! Keep up the awesome work! Ugh I’ve never been asked what my favorite cheese is! I prefer harder cheeses but I just don’t know!!!

    • I’m not sure the wrap is much healthier, but I like it because it’s loaded with the most delicious feta ever. my FAVORITE cheese is parmesan, so I feel you on the hard cheese preference.

      • Ooooo feta! The other dish looked good, just too much cheese for me. I like cheese, I just don’t like a TON of cheese all at once. My boyfriend would send a glaring look my way if he was reading this.

  2. Ohio!! I’ve never gotten the wrap but I totally would…sacrilege but I don’t like the chili at Skyline. Favorite cheeses are varieties of blue and goats cheese, I can’t remember specific names but small french varieties.

  3. My friend Serena is from Cincinnati and ALWAYS talks about skyline…like so much so that she’s considering having it delivered to her wedding reception at the end. I’m not a huge chili person so I’m not sure I’d like it but would love a wrap (gluten free), greek is my fav!

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