A few photobombs

Today was a b-e-a-utiful day!  I spent the entire day inside–totally by choice because the only thing on my agenda was a haircut at 2:15pm–but I made a ton of progress on the school project I was working on.

It would have been a fabulous day for a run, but I’m running long tomorrow, so I honored my usual Restday Friday.  In fact, I embraced the rest day from a horizontal position on the floor with a circle of research articles around me.  My largest energy expenditure all morning was crawling to a wall outlet to plug in my computer.

Later that afternoon when my brother Greg came home for his spring break (he has next week off), I exclaimed, “Greg, it’s sooooo nice out!” and then remembered that the only time I was outside was walking from my car to the hair cut place, but Greg assured me that it was.

We celebrated his arrival by going to Skyline for dinner.  No shame that this was my second Skyline meal this week, and only a small amount of shame for taking selfies with Greg and the hot sauce.

Skyline gives you little dishes of Oyster crackers, and the best is when the Oyster cracker is “puffy” and you fill it with hot sauce.  It’s kind of like a spicy Gusher, and it’s awesome.

We went out for celebratory ice cream after dinner and my dad tried to get in on the fun:

It’s kind of a trend.

Who is your family photo bomber?
Gushers, fruit roll ups, or fruit snacks?


12 thoughts on “A few photobombs

  1. PAHAHAHA your dad!!!! Seriously laughing out loud! Gushers, fruit roll ups, or fruit snacks- umm all of them? We were never allowed to have those as kids (only if we were having a birthday party or something like that). I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve had one! That makes me sad.

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