20 miles and Laura’s 5k

This weekend was full of running events (this weekend was very runny…) for my family!  My dad and I bonded with the road for 3+ hours on Saturday morning, and Laura ran a 5k on Sunday!

First, Saturday: I ran my first 20-miler of the training season!

Ready for the salt-stinging squinty-eyed, tired but happy, post-run picture on the porch?DSCN1664

Since I was home for break, my dad and I went out together and traced our normal long run route plus a few extra miles.  We kept a consistent 9-minute pace, and I felt pretty strong overall.  I didn’t have any “I hate this and want to quit forever” moments, which was kind of surprising because we climbed hill after hill after hill, and I’m used to flat routes.   I had some manageable hamstring and glute tightness, but everything else was fine.

Then I hydrated, sprawled out on the family room floor, willed my muscles to stretch without me stretching them, and relished the post-run accomplishment feeling until I could move again.  I was super beat for the rest of the day, but my sister and I opted to go furniture shopping with my parents, so I waddled from couch to couch and ate free pretzels while discussing style and color preferences for our living room.

I focused on hydrating all day.

And then Laura convinced me to leave the house again, so we took a sister date to Barnes & Noble.

…where I promptly found a chair and sat back down.  It was the chair on the stage in the Children’s section (I was secretly hoping small children would gather around at my feet), and I caught up on some Roald Dahl I must have missed out on back in the day.

It was nice to have a low-key night because the next morning, LAURA ran a race!

My dad and I went to cheer her on.  The wind was cold, and our legs were not fully functioning yet from Saturday’s long run, so we hobbled inside after the start gun and then hobbled back out in time to see her cross the finish line.  Great job, Laura!!

This race will DEFINITELY be on the calendar for next year solely based on their serious spread of post-race food:  Fruit & yogurt parfaits, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast pizza, full catered BBQ (uh, not breakfast?), cornbread, muffins, bagels, apples, bananas, coffee, and probably more.

And with that, SB2014 has come to a close.
What’s a better selling point: cool race shirt or good post-race celebration?
Favorite children’s book/series?


9 thoughts on “20 miles and Laura’s 5k

  1. Race shirt for me, I never really stick around for post-race stuff and I wear all my shirts so good-looking ones are the best. Great run! And I’m jealous of your whole running family, I’d love to go spectate a family member running! The only spectating I’ve ever done was for my husband’s one and only triathlon but I loved it 🙂

  2. Hahaha your post-long run ritual sounds like me. Although I’d probably do way less moving. Way to go on the 20 miles!!! I’m all about the shirt! My family usually comes to races, so I don’t typically stay post-race. I get my free goodies and head out!

  3. dang girl! you go with your 20 miler! i’ve never run that far. I remember when I was training for a half and thought I was going to die during 11 mile runs… yours definitely wins 🙂 What are you training for? (I could probably be less lazy and scroll through your old posts to figure that out… haha)

    Post race celebration is more important to me! I am always trying to cut down on t-shirts so I def don’t want any more from races!

    • thanks! haha I’ve definitely felt like I was going to die on plenty of runs too. I’m training for the Bayshore marathon (Michigan) at the end of May.
      I love t-shirts! 🙂

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