lunging down the hallway

First up: today’s workout.  I drove over to the rec center for an early morning run/strength circuit on and around the indoor track.  Run a few laps, do a few strength things (today was lunges, push ups, tri dips, ab moves, weighted squats, and donkey kicks), and repeat until you reach an hour.  My new lunge method is to lunge down the hallway to the drinking fountain, get a drink of water, and lunge back to the indoor track. I look like a weirdo, but a hydrated one.
Today’s effort wasn’t anything to write home about, but I was glad to get a sweat in.  I also had a late start because I unearthed a new skill at 6:00am this morning: I can flip my tongue upside down! Not sure how or why I even tried this before dawn, but I spent 5 precious morning minutes practicing in the mirror.

I feel mostly recovered from Saturday’s 20-miler (hamstrings and all!), but I’m taking this week super easy to stay healthy and to get ready for a marathon relay this weekend!  I did an easy run on Monday, and I’ll probably run easy tomorrow and Thursday.  This Saturday, I’m teaming up with my dad for a local marathon (my PR from last year!), and I’ll run the first half as a long tempo.

Today is Tuesday, so guess what that means? Weekly MATLAB and pity pop date with Bre!  And Andrea joined us today!
We trekked across campus–in the snow..WHAT?–to a new computer lab because our usual spot was all filled up.  We managed to find a computer lab that doubled as a sauna and finished the super short assignment in record time!  That includes the time it took for Andrea to sneak-eat a package of beef jerky and me to showcase my newfound tongue-flip ten times.

Bre and I finished MATLAB about an hour earlier than usual, thanks to the short assignment and to the presence of MATLAB Guru Andrea, so we used the bonus time to watch Frozen! (again)

Ever run on a relay team?
Jelly beans, peeps, or peanut butter eggs?





12 thoughts on “lunging down the hallway

  1. Pahaha you crack me up! I’d do lunges with you to the water fountain any day 😉 In high school when I went to the tiny gym at our country club, the only place long enough to do lunges was in the hallway, connecting the weight room and the locker room. So that’s what I did. I’d say hello to golfers and tennis players as I bobbed up and down the hallway doin’ my lunges 🙂

  2. I came across your blog when looking for reviews of the Circular logic marathon reviews earlier this year and now will be running it partially because of your story. Any chance you want to run your relay tempo run at 8:05-8:10 pace and be my pacer? 🙂

  3. I’ve never done a relay but I’d love to a Ragnar one day! I’m sad I didn’t do this last year but my grad school had a bunch of runners that ran from London to Rome in just a week or 10 days or something. There were only 6-10 of them and they averaged 8:00/mi and ran across mountains in Switzerland, etc. I wish I had done it when they have me the chance to sign up!

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