hill repeats and a confused convo

Happy almost-weekend!

Runcap: 7 easy miles on Wednesday morning.  This run brought back horrific memories of winter running (can we talk about winter in the past tense yet?) because it was early and dark, layered up, and lit by headlamp.

On Thursday, I met a small group of runners in the evening for easy hill repeats. HA easy hill repeats.  We warmed up with a flat mile and then tackled a big hill loop three times at a slowish pace.  Most of us are running a marathon relay on Saturday, so we kept the pace relaxed and were able to still talk during the uphills.

I made a new friend on the run, who now probably thinks that I am a detached lunatic from this conversation:
[during one of the loops]
Her: So how is the long distance thing going? (talking about Ryan)
Me: Oh, really well! I actually prefer it. (thinking she is talking about distance running)
Her:  …
Me: You know, you get in a groove; short distance is harder.
Me: Wait ..what?

Ha I switched over my preference right away once I figured out what we were talking about.  It was nice to run with people in the evening because I usually run solo aside from Saturday mornings.

This week kind of flew by but kind of didn’t.  Judging by the two pity pop trips–with Andrea and Bre on Tuesday and with Andrea and Alyson on Thursday–I guess it didn’t.  Do we really have 5 weeks left of the semester?

This is how we celebrate a hard Thursday in the grad room: pity pop and pity pretzels .

Cheers to that!

What is worse: running uphill with no wind or running a straightaway with the wind in your face?


8 thoughts on “hill repeats and a confused convo

  1. Wind is way worse, I hate it. I make myself run hills, I tell myself it makes my butt smaller so that keeps me going 😉

  2. Pahaha your convo…she must have thought you don’t really like Ryan! IDK if I could pick a preference- maybe running into the wind is worse?? MAYBE. The only reason I’m thinking that right now is because sometimes running into the wind can make you feel like you aren’t moving anywhere. But if you’re running up a hill, you can at least see your progress.

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