Circular Logic Marathon relay

On Saturday morning, I ran my first race of 2014: a relay leg of the Circular Logic Marathon!  Circular Logic is a special race to me because it was my surprise PR and first BQ marathon last spring, so I wanted to return to the course this year.  I’m not in marathon shape yet, but my dad agreed to run the relay with me, so the two of us signed up for our second annual father-daughter circle run.

It’s a unique race: 26 laps around a one-mile loop (+ the 0.2 miles) with a supportive, low-key, and low-stress feel.  So many personal cheerleaders and pump-it-up music every time you pass the start/lap line!

When I signed us up in January, I didn’t foresee the NeverEndingWinterOf2014, but it happened, so I told myself to run whatever pace felt good and try to have fun.  Luckily for me, my speedy friend Erin was also running the first 13 miles with the same plan, so we ran them together, chatted and enjoyed the environment, and gladly passed on those batons after our 13 mile endeavor.

Just practicing the hand-off.

We averaged an 8:15ish pace. It felt hard and I was definitely working the whole time, but running with a good runpal makes the miles pass by much quicker.  Thanks, Erin!

See the snow?!  The race volunteers and spectators deserve a big high-five.

My dad joined me and Erin for our last 7 miles, and then he took off for our relay team’s final 13 miles.  I ran 2 cool down miles, so my Saturday total was 15.  Well, 15 miles plus about 100 yards of sprinting. I thought it’d be cool to run the final stretch of my dad’s last mile/our relay team’s last mile and finish together.  In other words, I thought it’d be cool to run 13 moderately paced miles, stand around for 1.5 hours, and then go for a little sprint.

Here is a photograph of my failed attempt.  I’m the one in the background in the maroon hoodie who thought I was going to die.

The race was much colder this year than last year, and I had a hard time staying warm after finishing my relay leg.  Donned in my winter coat over about 5 layers of clothing, I had fun cheering for my dad, my running friends, and people that I felt like I knew after seeing them 13 times. Congratulations to all of the runners, and a big congrats to Jess, whom I met at the race, for her PR!

All in all, a great morning!

What’s your favorite thing to eat after a race?


14 thoughts on “Circular Logic Marathon relay

  1. OMG congrats speedy lady!!! How fun! Although I don’t know that I could ever run 1 loop that many times haha. Soooo cool that you did a relay! I want to do one eventually! So far, my favorite thing to eat after a race has been my favorite sandwich from my favorite deli!

  2. Aw, how fun! I’ve never done a relay but I love the idea and it’s so cool you ran with your dad. I would totally also call it a good idea to sprint the finish after standing around but then I’d proceed to pull a muscle or something 😉

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