raisinless trail mix

Whew, this week flew.  I’m finished with school and off to a conference.

I’m recovering slowly from Saturday’s race and haven’t been good about stretching, so this week’s workouts have been a little womp womp.

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Ugly little run. I made it 4 miles with lots of stretch breaks. No amount of stretching could loosen up my glutes, my shins were on fire, and I had a fierce foot-slap going on.  I powered through until my right achilles started hurting, and that was a show stopper.
Tuesday: Morning run/strength circuit at the rec center, but my achilles hurt again during the run, so I switched gears and ellipticalled.
Wednesday: Early morning run attempt, but I stopped after 3 easy miles because my achilles hurt again.  Instead, I did a 30-min body weight cardio circuit in my living room that doubled as collecting all of the hair from my floor (ew.)

I’ve gone through achilles injuries before, and they are vicious, so I’ll stick to the elliptical for a few days and try to loosen in time to do a long run this weekend.

Speaking of long runs, Ryan mailed me a surprise box of motivation: Clif Shot Bloks, world’s most delicious fruit snack!  The rest of my long runs in 2014 can be fueled simply by this gigantic box.  Thanks, Ryan! 🙂

And another food surprise.  I made something, and it actually tasted good: Monster Trail Mix granola bars!  Though I didn’t need to work very hard because in my opinion, if the words “trail mix” are in the name, it will automatically be good.

 Raisinless monster trail mix granola bars.

I had a request for a few bars with no raisins, so I went ahead and picked all of them out because really, raisins don’t make anything better.  From best to worst, the contents of this trail mix are as follows: M&Ms, almonds, peanuts, cashews, the salt on the raisins, the nice container … raisins.

Do you like raisins?
Do you listen to the radio in the car?


10 thoughts on “raisinless trail mix

  1. Hahha I’m okay with raisins but I like when they’re salty from the trail mix. Regular raisins? Not so much. Hope your achilles start feeling better asap!

  2. Aww sorry about your achilles!! No fun!!! Take care of that little punk! I go back and forth with raisins. When I was little, I loved them- actually the cause of my first cavity. Then my mom wouldn’t allow me to eat them because of the cavity thing and I started hating them until probably a few years ago. Now I like them again… And Clif Shot Bloks! The first time I tried them was when they were giving out free samples after my half marathon. Holy delicious! Basically candy- too bad I’m not coordinated enough to chew and run (why gels work better for me, even though I don’t like them).

    • thanks! I think it will be okay if I rest it for a few days. Interesting about your raisin experience! did you get one stuck on your tooth? and i have a hard time chewing and running too–it’s easier to suck on them as long as you don’t choke lol

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