fancy foods and more kid books

My weekend is off to a nice start!  I usually wake up at 4-earlycrazydark-o’clock on Saturdays, run a lot of miles with friends, and am done moving for the day by 9am.  But this time, I slept in and enjoyed the morning with untired legs.  I switched the long run to Sunday morning to coincide with training partners’ schedules, so I am basking in a sunny and unsore Saturday.  Even better, Ryan is here!

He got here yesterday afternoon, so we hung out, got groceries, and made probably the fanciest meal we’ve ever made together: sautéed green beans, a rice medley with bell peppers and beans, tiny sweet potatoes, and chicken sausage from Sam’s.  We like to keep things casual with Veggie Smash, so this was a step toward gourmet.

We gave the chicken sausages an “A”, thankfully, because there are 13 left.  We also tried Mini Babybel cheese and thought that they were pretty gross (a generous C grade), so let me know if you have any suggestions on how to choke down 20 more mini cheese wheels.  Maybe we can make a sculpture out of the wax..

On Saturday, we spent a few hours being productive at school and then walked to  Potbelly for their beloved Mediterranean sandwiches.  It’s been too long, Potbelly.  If I were trapped on a desert Island with only one food item, I would rally for this sandwich.

So good, you could eat the wrapper!

Then we went for a walk in the warm-ish sunshine, watched the clouds, and saw these weird twig balls nestled all over a tree.

aaaand we ended up back in the Barnes & Noble children’s section (just me; Ryan read age-appropriate books).  Something about that Winnie the Pooh stage just draws me in.IMAG0873

I read a kid version of Anne Frank, and then my toddler friends got a little too rowdy, so I joined the “over 7” crowd again and got sucked into Eleanor & Park.  Ryan must have really liked what he was reading too because after we left the store, we stood in the parking lot for a minute and then decided to go back in and stayed for another hour.

Tomorrow I’m planning for 20 miles, so I hope it goes well!  I haven’t run since Wednesday; after the achilles soreness earlier this week, I took a break from running and did the AMT at the rec center instead.

Where do you work best? Library, home, office?


6 thoughts on “fancy foods and more kid books

  1. My work place depends on my mood- sometimes Starbucks in my jam, other times I prefer my house by myself. Hope your run this morning went well!

  2. Lol you in the book store!! Haha I used to like those mini Babybel cheeses when I was little. It’s actually how we found out I was lactose intolerant. I tried one as an adult and I don’t get why I was obsessed. Where I work depends on my mood and what I’m working on. If I’m blogging or doing something for fun that is more creative, I could work anywhere. If it’s school work or work work, it needs to be in an office (actual or home office). I have never been able to work in a library though- unless I have a carrel in the corner with no foot traffic. I get too distracted when people walk by haha. I’m like, oo something shiny!

    • you have such interesting kid food stories! I’m kind of the same way–I need somewhere with minimal distractions to get work done, though I’m usually pretty productive in libraries

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