20 miles and more B&N

It’s Monday!

First off, happy happy birthday to high school BFF, fellow band geek, and my curly-haired twin Stephanie!
Have a great birthday, Steph!
And that concludes the best part about Monday. 😉

Rewind to Sunday morning: 20 miles completed!  20 surprisingly enjoyable miles! ..only in the way that running for 3 hours can be.  I met up with 2 training pals for the odyssey, under one condition: starting after the sun comes up.  We’re used to meeting at 5am and running the majority of the route by headlamp only to finish before 8am and ready to nap by 9am, so we wanted to avoid that.

This time, we convened at the beautiful and bright hour of 8am and set out to cover one giant 20-mile loop.  We voyaged through lesser-used county roads with pretty views, plenty of cornfields, cows, horses, and a cute tunnel.  A refreshing change from residential loops!

My Garmin found satellites a few minutes into the run, so I stopped when the other Garmins beeped at 20 miles, though mine wasn’t quite there.

I felt reasonably good for the first 10 miles, struggled for the next few, had a second wind after a Gu at mile 15, and then fought through the last mile.  Pain-wise, my achilles felt fine, and my butt/hamstring/nemesis was tight but not necessarily hurting.  We kept an average 8:40 pace, and I’m happy with how the run went!

My hamstrings were sore for the rest of the day, so Ryan and I had a low-key afternoon.  We studied, ate a lot of food, and then went to Barnes & Noble–just like Saturday!  Ha actually, we each got absorbed in a book at B&N the day before, so we wanted to return to finish them.  But first, we played a quick round of Catan, and Master Economics kicked my butt because he is a rockstar at Catan.

(old pic)

If you enjoy reading young adult literature like me (loud and proud), this was a good read.  I started and finished it sitting in a cushy chair at B&N.

Have a stellar week!

Have you ever read a book in one day? This was a 2-dayer, but the Hunger Games were one each.


12 thoughts on “20 miles and more B&N

  1. Holy moley congrats on your 20 miler!! When I was in elementary school, I used to get in trouble all the time for staying up way past my bedtime to read a whole book. I read so many books in one night! The Hunger Games each would have been one-dayers, but I was introduced to them during dead week (the week before finals). I seriously had to set limits on how much I was allowed to read each day.

  2. I’ve read a lot of books in one day, I think the last was The Fault in Our Stars and Sarah’s Key. I love to read!

  3. I usually read most books in one day, I’m super famous for it with family and friends, especially on vacation! I finished all 7 I brought with me to Greece last year in the first 6 days and then was very sad. Ever since I started grad school though, all my reading is for school so those weeks where I’m on vacation I go nuts reading every fun book I can get my hands on.

  4. 20 miles! WOW! I feel the same way about Dan Brown’s books! I don’t think I’ve ever managed reading on of his books in a day, but I definitely did in a few. Love those books that you can’t put down.


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