Easter in a box

I am loving this b-e-a-utiful spring weather!


Despite the sunshine, my workouts have been inside lately. After Sunday’s 20 miles, I took Monday off and went to the rec center on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I opted for the rec center instead of running outside because it was early and dark, and I wasn’t sure if my achilles would hurt like it did last week.  My legs recovered quickly from the long run, so by Tuesday I was only left with an almost-niggle in my right achilles and hamstring soreness, but I still wanted to be gentle and not run.
Tuesday: 45 min strength, 30 min of AMT intervals
Wednesday: 60 min AMT

To enjoy the warm weather today, I took a short walk…to the apartment office to get a package that my mom sent (very short walk).  But guess who I ran into!  Your favorite pug and mine, Chunk!  He was taking Bre for a walk, so we stopped to chat.

Bre took this picture because she is a better dog whisperer than I am.  My canine photography needs a little work unless you’re interested in the leash clip:

The package that my mom sent was a happy surprise.  I wear daily disposable contact lenses and was almost out, so I asked if she could send me a box from my stash at home.  Not only did she mail me a box of contacts, but also a hand-picked selection of Karen’s favorite snacks!  Pb pretzels, pretzel m&ms, coffee, and jelly beans…she knows me well.  And you can never have too many paring knives, right?

Now off to taste-test these snacks and work on projects.

How many times a week do you stretch?


17 thoughts on “Easter in a box

  1. I switched to disposable dailies a few years ago and love them, I can’t believe I used to wear (and sleep) in my 2 week ones before, gross.

  2. This weather is so fantastic! I love when moms send care packages 🙂 mine inevitably throws in a ton of candy and sometimes I get new nail polish to try or some silly little costume jewelry she found or something, it’s always fun digging around in the surprise box!

  3. Hey, nothing wrong with a good leash clip 😉 How often does Chunk walk Bre? I hope he’s letting her enjoy all that sunshine 🙂 Mamas are the best!! She’s so cute! And you just reminded me that it’s been 3 months since I’ve had a peanut butter pretzel and I’m fairly certain this is too long. I do NOT stretch nearly enough…why is it so hard to remember???

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