Goose chase and long tempo

I started my weekend with a wild goose chase…a real one!

I ran after class on Friday evening and took a trail circling around a pond that was apparently inhabited by geese.  Protective angry geese.  Protective angry geese that thought I was out to get their babies.
I saw two geese up ahead on the path, and as I approached them, they whipped their snaky necks around, HISSSSSSSSSSSed at me, and chased me down.

What did I do? FROZE, thankfully didn’t scream, squeaked out a meek “sorry” (why?), looked at the geese, decided eye contact might be threatening, looked away, backed up, looked really quick to see if they were still eyeing me (they were), and waited an eternity-long minute before the scene appeared safe enough to VEER off the trail and run away.

Friday is usually a rest day for me, but thank goodness I switched it up because I would have missed out on that terrifying experience.

I moved my long run to Friday evening because most of my running group is either racing, out-of-town, or tapering this weekend, so I would have been alone Saturday morning in the dark.  The other reason was that Andrea is running her first 5k Saturday morning (ee!!) and I didn’t want to be crunched for time to cheer her on.  Go AP!!!

Friday night’s run went pretty well.  I had a vague goal of 12 miles total with the middle chunk at a faster pace and I ended up with 12 total miles, 8 @ 8:10ish pace.  It was almost 70 degrees out–a big shock to my system that hadn’t run in DAYLIGHT since who knows when (I had finally accepted 20 degrees as the new norm)–but running as the sun goes down always feels awesome.  This was actually my first run since last Sunday’s 20 miler, and my butt was extremely tight, so I stopped a few times to stretch.  On the plus side, nothing hurt!


Tomorrow I’m watching Andrea race, meeting friends for a walk, and then cranking out as much progress as possible on end of the semester projects.

Have you ever been chased by an animal?
What do you remember about your first race?


12 thoughts on “Goose chase and long tempo

  1. I’m a little behind on your posts so I’m catching up on my lunch break. Your encounter with the geese was too funny! Definitely improved my mood after waking up to about 3-4 inches of snow this morning. -_-

  2. hahahaha I love that you said “sorry” to the goose! there’s a lake near my parent’s house where there are TONS of geese. people feed them bread so the geese are totally used to people and get reeeeeally close to you- it’s frightening!

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