Interview with Andrea

Today I’d like to introduce you to…(drumroll)…Andrea!  My friend, classmate, and most recent member of the 5k club!  We’ve shared many good times…spending weekend mornings doing labs, spending weekday nights doing labs, consoling ourselves with pity pops while doing labs–you know, the norm.  It’s hard to fit in friend time during grad school, so it’s fun when you can combine the two!


Andrea ran her very first 5k on Saturday morning, and she totally rocked it!  The race benefited cancer research, and there was a HUGE turnout of runners and walkers–just over 1600 people.  The race started at the Purdue stadium and skirted just off campus.

Post-race interview with Andrea, taken on Monday:

Karen: How were you feeling at the start line?
Andrea: Cold– I had taken my jacket off already. JK, I was very nervous and wished I had someone to talk to. I lined up in the middle of the 10 min/mile pace group and was worried that I should have been further back in the pack. I was overanalyzing everything… 

K: What was the most difficult point in the race for you?
A: Physically, it was the last mile when I wanted to keep going to finish out strong, but I needed to walk to catch my breath. Emotionally, (since this was a cancer research benefit race) it was seeing an 8-10 year old boy in front of me wearing a badge that said “in memory of my dad.” 

K: At what point did you realize that you were going to blow your goal time out of the park?
A: I don’t like wearing watches so I had no idea how I was doing on time. I was thinking that when I passed the two mile mark that things were going really quickly.  It wasn’t until I was in the final stretch and could see the big clock that I really realized how much I was going to beat my goal time (by 3 whole minutes!)

K: What were you thinking as your crossed the finish line?
A: Let’s keep going! I was also happy because my husband and father-in-law were there cheering me on.

K: Next race??
A: As soon as I can find one that benefits a good cause. 

Great job, Andrea! I’m sure we can find another race with a good cause very soon 😉

I cheered from a spot on the course and took pictures.DSCN1694
Huge friendfail: I somehow didn’t see Andrea run by (she must have been too speedy), but I did get a great picture of two sister-runners.  As they ran by and saw me with my camera, they yelled, “TAKE A PICTURE OF US! WE’RE SISTERS!” So I shouted “Woo!” and snapped a picture…a picture that they will never see because I don’t even know what their names are.

My workouts haven’t been very exciting, so they’re hardly worth a recap.  After Friday evening’s long run, Saturday was a rest day, Sunday was weights + AMT, and Monday was a slow 7-miler.  Hoping for something speedy later this week!

Do you prefer large races or small races?
Are you currently watching a tv series?


6 thoughts on “Interview with Andrea

  1. My race this weekend was medium size, definitely the smallest of my three halts but I think it had pluses and minuses- like I could get there closer to the start because less people but also less crowd support. I’m not sure yet!

  2. Wooooo way to go Andrea!! You rock! Your story about the little boy who was running for his dad made me tear up.

    LOL so funny about the sisters thing! I think I prefer small races (that are set up well). But I’m only on #4 for halves, so we’ll see 🙂

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