22 miles and a cappella

Happy Easter!  I was home for the weekend to spend the holiday with my family.

On Saturday morning, my dad and I drove to a rails to trails path for our long run, a nice and flat paved trail that was abuzz with other runners and cyclists.  We got a bit of a late start, so it was almost 8:30am by the time we started running, and already warm.  We ran together for the first two miles and then split up for our respective workouts: 22 slow miles for me, and 20 miles mostly at tempo pace for my dad (faster than I can currently run mile repeats).

22.22 long and slow miles finished!

My pace was fairly consistent–mile 1 and mile 22 were the same pace–but none of the miles were enjoyable.  It was one of those runs where I was aware of every step and couldn’t distract myself or get into the zone, so I just plodded along and waited to be done.  My dad brought his bike and tracked me down after he finished his run, thank goodness–I was about ready to quit after 3 hours.  Nothing hurt (go hamstrings!), but I was just overall not feeling it and couldn’t make my legs go any faster.  A little encouragement and a water refill helped, and I was thrilled to be finished!

Happy, tired, and very salty

After the run, we made a pit stop at Speedway for pop and powerade, played cards over lunch, and then got ready for Greg’s concert.  My brother Greg is part of an a cappella group at school, and they had a concert on Saturday evening that my whole family went to.  He’s a really good singer and had a few big solos, so I was excited that I was able to go to his concert.

He totally rocked Let it Be–check it out here! He’s the one in front who leads the song.

They also sang “My Shiny Teeth” from Fairly Odd Parents, old school Nickelodeon.

Sib pic with the brother star:
Someone told us that we all look alike, but I’m not sure about that one.

On Easter, we went to church, played Euchure (minus Greg), and ate lots of ham.
DSCN1724 DSCN1725

I also finished Gone Girl (Bre- thanks for letting me borrow it…a few months ago) like the rest of the world, so I am on the lookout for a new book.  Suggestions?

Do you look like your siblings?
Do you like a cappella?


13 thoughts on “22 miles and a cappella

  1. You guys remind me of my husband’s siblings. I think you and your sister look similar and your sis and brother look similar but you and your brother don’t look alike. I hate those runs where you just never find your groove but great job on the mega long run!

  2. OMG you guys totally look alike!! But I totally agree with Emmeline- you look like your sis and your sis looks like your bro haha. You’re a freaking rock star miss 22 miles! Not a fan of THOSE consistent runs haha. So cute that you and your dad can (sort of) run together!

    • Ha I can see it. Laura is the link between me and Greg!
      And thanks! It was a rough one. And even though my dad and I didn’t necessarily run together, it always makes you feel better to know that someone else is running (“suffering” sounds like the wrong word) out there too

  3. I just finished Miss Peregrine’s over the weekend so I’m on the lookout too! Have you read Cutting for Stone? It’s one of my favorites 🙂 Way to get a sucky run done!

    • I haven’t read it, but it’s on my list! I think I’ll read the book thief or middlesex next because they’re both on my bookshelf. what did you think of miss peregrine’s? think you’ll read the sequel?

      • Meh, it wasn’t my favorite. I’m undecided on the sequel, if the library has it I’ll check it out but it’s not something I’d buy. You? And go Book Thief, it’s really good!

  4. I totally know that so-not-into-it feeling, but great job getting it done! I have three younger half brothers and we look a bit alike. The oldest and I look like our dad, so we are definitely the most similar of the three!

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