back to the track and more matlab fails

Started this morning at the track, and WOW it’s been a while.  I think the ovals got longer.
Or maybe I just got slower.  Either way, I warmed up with 2 miles, ran 3 x 1 mile, and cooled down with 2 miles.  My mile pace is far from where it was last fall, but I am going to look at the positives and think about how encouraging it will be to see the splits get faster with time and practice.

The temps were in the 40’s this morning, but short sleeves were fine because my personal temperature radar is still skewed from snowpocalypse.  My brain is, too–I’m still living in dread that it will snow tomorrow.

After the run, I headed to school and did school things, and then Bre and I met for our weekly MATLAB date, fondly known as I still hate this and I will never be a computer programmer time.  The saga of “Bre and Karen fail at MATLAB” continues…

IMAG0921 IMAG0919

We gave up after a few hours of getting error messages, and I was SUPER grumpy.  Bre suggested we get froyo–have I mentioned that she’s a wonderful friend?  There is an Orange Leaf basically located on campus, so we walked over and then enjoyed our frozen yogurt in the sunshine and forgot about MATLAB.  Other post-MATLAB coping mechanisms we’ve tried have been watching Frozen, playing Settlers of Catan, looking at my Happy Light, drinking fizzy water, and petting her dog Chunk.

Vanilla, mango, & strawberry froyo + kitkat

You may notice that we DID NOT get pity pops today, despite our tradition.  I gave up pop indefinitely, and it’s been 3(?) weeks since I’ve had my last diet coke.  I’m hoping to make it to marathon day without pop, and then it’s fair game.

How much Easter candy did you eat today?


11 thoughts on “back to the track and more matlab fails

  1. I really think I need to put that picture at the end of my presentation on Monday… as well our list of post-MATLAB coping mechanisms 🙂

  2. I managed to eat absolutely zero Easter candy today, but the day is far from over. Ugh sorry about the lame MATLAB, but fro yo definitely makes everything better!

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