yurbuds and 16 miles

Today was the very last installment of “Bre and Karen take on MATLAB.”  Like always, we lost.  We were both on campus scrambling to finish (and make sense of) our projects, so we moaned and groaned together as we scrolled through endless error messages.  We’re presenting tomorrow in class, and our projects aren’t quite finished, nor do we understand the parts that ARE finished.  Unfortunate.

And to make things worse, a large group of students sat right across from us in the computer lab and started talking loudly while Bre and I were in the fragile state of almost throwing our computers out the window.

Luckily for me, I had these babies to drown out the noise with Pandora (I brought them to listen to the output signals from my project, but let’s be real–that wasn’t going so well).
Ryan got me yurbuds for my birthday, and I LOVE them.  They’re designed to twistlock into your ears so they don’t fall out, and they fit deeper than most earphones (Boyle’s law to my AuD friends!).  I haven’t tried to run in them because I don’t run with music, but I think they’d stay in just fine.

Speaking of running, I finally busted out my new kicks this week! Pretty, right??IMAG0925

I spent the majority of the weekend doing research and project stuff to finish off the semester (one more week of classes!), but I did go out for 16 miles on Saturday morning by myself.  It was hot and I didn’t feel awesome, but I got it done.  And with no hamstring pain, which is a first in a loooong time!


The BEST part about my weekend was that Ryan was here!  We didn’t get to hang out a whole lot because we both had work/school stuff to get done, but it was definitely nice to have him here.  He went grocery shopping and had dinner ready and waiting when I came home on Friday!  Super sweet.  Bad lighting, but good food!


We are on the lookout for a new TV series to watch together. We’ve tried the pilot episode to about 5 shows so far, and haven’t found anything worth continuing, so suggestions are welcome!

Go-to pandora station? (Mine is usually Sara Bareilles)
Most exciting thing happening this week?


12 thoughts on “yurbuds and 16 miles

  1. Ahhh Yurbuds! I keep hinting to friends/family that I would like a pair for my birthday next month. That way, I can stop breaking all of my cheap pairs of headphones 🙂

    Ryan sounds like a keeper, haha! You guys should try watching Suits!

    My favorite Pandora station is Adele for doing work and Daddy Yankee for running, HA!

  2. I need to start listening to Pandora on my long runs. I actually have a pair of Yurbuds too, but I don’t like them. I got them for Christmas, but they aren’t the women-specific kind and are way too big for my ears. I should have exchanged them, but when I called the company I was told that they didn’t have smaller sizes. (Yes they do…the women’s ones are smaller!)

    Great job on your run!

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