first watermelon of the season

I am feeling preeeeeetty good right now.  I submitted a big paper last night (fingers crossed that it’s well received!), presented that embarrassment of a computer programming project, and have only three days of class left. THREE!

I have a few more papers to turn in next week but nothing super stressful…at least I don’t think so (AP, Lauren, & Bre- let me know if I’m forgetting something).  Bre and I got together this afternoon for a mini homework party.  Chunk loooooves to party!

We wrote about hearing assessment protocols to the tune of Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book while snacking on colorful pieces of sugar.  I brought the jelly beans, and Bre provided the gummies.
Bre thought it was funny that my jelly bean bag is only open wide enough to squeeze out one jelly bean out at a time.  But it’s completely on purpose and practical–that way, it’s physically impossible to consume them by the handful (guilty as charged).

After the semester ends, I’m hoping to focus a little more on running.  I put running on the back burner and channeled most of my energy toward research for the past few (more than a few) weeks, which was definitely good, but my brain is ready for a break.  And my butt is ready to not sit in a chair.

My marathon is in 4 weeks (ohh gosh) and I’m not as ready as I wanted to be.  I got the long runs in but not the speedy stuff, so it won’t be the BQ I was hoping for…and that’s okay.  I have my last 20-miler coming up this weekend, so I’ll gauge what kind of pace I want to start the marathon with after that run.  Regardless, it will still be a fun weekend road tripping to Michigan with friends AND seeing old friends who are also running Bayshore!

And check out my best purchase of the day.
Watermelon=almost summer

How long does it take you eat a watermelon by yourself?
Random: You get called down to a stage and must either sing, dance, or perform stand-up comedy for 5 minutes.  Which do you pick?


16 thoughts on “first watermelon of the season

  1. I have never eaten a whole watermelon by myself, but I’d guess about a week.
    Stand up comedy – it wouldn’t be pretty, but it would be better than my song or dance.

  2. I.LOVE.WATERMELON. And I could probably eat a whole one in just a couple of days. And you best believe I would sing for 5 minutes. Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benetar, no problem.

  3. Congrats on turning in your paper! I hope everything goes well with it!
    I’m one of those weirdos that doesn’t like watermelon, but I bet my daughter could eat a whole one by herself. She LOVES it!
    And I would sing for sure. My voice is alright. 🙂

  4. I don’t like watermelon either! I would sing if I magically obtained the ability but since my voice is AWFUL but I do have 15ish years of dance training, I’d go with dance 🙂

  5. I love watermelon, I already had my first one of the season and it was delish! Congrats on almost being done, graduation is Friday for me and I know I’m ready for that! I’m sure you’ll still kick ass at your marathon, you’re awesome!

  6. haha so smart with the jelly bean bag only allowing one out at a time! I would probably get frustrated and rip it open though, haha.

    I don’t think I’ve ever eaten an entire watermelon by myself… But I would probably guess about a week?

    OH gosh that question gives me anxiety just thinking about it. I guess I would say stand up comedy, because my singing and dancing would both be (even more) terrible! hahaha.

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