MAY and mannequin friends

It’s MAY!  First off, I was shocked by the absence of Justin Timberlake’s curly face in my facebook feed yesterday.  Fortunately Running in Scrubs remembered our yearly dose of JT!  Did people forget that it was GONNA BE MAY?

Anyway, I am DONE with classes and clinic for the semester!  Only one paper, one research symposium (attending), one meeting, and a few hours of clinic work stand between ME and FREEDOM!  Freedom lasts one week, and then the summer semester starts, but my summer schedule is super light.  I’m actually looking for something to volunteer with.

We celebrated our last day of hearing conservation yesterday with our new friend, Dessy Bell–clever, right? Name cred to Andrea.  Wig cred to Bailey.  Team Excitement cred to Bre and me.
She is super trendy and passionate about noise-induced hearing loss.

Des is still under construction, but her left ear has the characteristics of a normal adult ear, so when she is eventually wired up with a sound level meter, people can put their ipod/music player earphones in her ears and read out the sound pressure level.  Then we can use a little math to figure out how long that level is safe to listen to.

Run update:
Not much running lately.  After Saturday’s long run, I took Sunday off (my normal rest day) and Monday off (to finish a paper).  My right achilles kind of almost felt weird on Tuesday and Wednesday, probably leftover pains from Saturday, so I played it safe and used the AMT at the gym on Tues/Wed.  And iced…while watching DH.

Today (Thursday) I went our for a late afternoon/early evening run after I finished for the day.  I was hoping for a power surge caused by excitement of finishing the semester, but that did not happen.  Actually, the opposite happened.  It was drizzly and windy, and it took every ounce of motivation I had to even tie my shoes, but somehow I got out there for 5 miles.  I ran the middle 3 at a 7:40-7:50 pace, and it felt easier than it has lately, so yay!

What is your go-to party snack to share?
Favorite salad topping? (I need new ideas)


4 thoughts on “MAY and mannequin friends

  1. Yay for a break (even if it’s only one week)! I love Dessy Bell, I’ll admit I had to read it outloud to get it was decibel haha

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