done done done

So this week has been pretty nice. The entire semester is done and turned in, so now I guess we’re officially 3rd years?!  Halfway to Dr. Karen!  At this very moment, the first years are taking their big, daunting, cumulative first year exam.  Flashback to the happiest day of our lives when we finished (and passed):

And at this moment, I am drinking coffee, relaxing post-run and post-semester, and making a shopping list for Target (let’s be real, who actually follows a shopping list at Target? I should add a few blank lines).  My days are about to be filled with fun reading, serious cleaning, and getting through Seasons 6-8 of Desperate Housewives.  Pumped!

But perhaps not a lot of sleeping in because it feels like a brick oven starting at 7am these days.
How did the weather turn from this……….to this…with no in-between?
Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 3.18.28 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-08 at 10.25.04 AM

Perfect 50 degree running weather, where are you???

So far this week:
Monday: 7 easy miles
Tuesday: 7-ish mile tempo ladder.  Someone flagged me down in the middle of this run to show me a turtle.  I thought she was lost or dying.
Wednesday: 30 min strength, 50 min elliptical
Thursday: 7 miles (3 tempo)

Tonight we’re celebrating the end of the semester with the class below us. Woo!

Do you prefer winter or summer running?
Random: What little-kid summer toy sounds the most fun?  Slip-and-slides? water guns? pogo sticks? snow cone makers? chalk?


10 thoughts on “done done done

  1. Congrats on the end of your semester! That’s so exciting!!
    So wait…you were running and someone stopped you because they saw a TURTLE? And this was important? What a weird story!

  2. WOOO congrats on being done for the semester! I think I prefer non-rainy winter running because it’s cool, but I don’t like how early it gets dark. I like how in the summer we have so much more day light, but duh I hate running in the heat.

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