last double digit run

Happy [belated] Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there…including mine!
We love you, Mom! So does Greg, but I couldn’t find a recent picture with all three of us.

For dinner, we grilled out and I made Buckeye Brownies: Basically boxed brownies with peanut buttery buckeye ingredients on top!  They were easy to make and tasty if you like rich desserts.  I had to bland mine up with vanilla ice cream because it was too chocolatey for me, but the sweet teeth in my household like them.

I’m home now for the whole entire week, but before I left for home, I celebrated the end of the semester with Andrea and Bre!  We have perfected the fine skill of using the 10-second timer with random objects as camera stands–cupboard shelves, stacks of books, grills, etc.  This time, it was an electricity box and a twig.
Lauren wasn’t able to make it, but we met up with 2 of the girls in the class below us later that night and had fun de-stressing from the busy semester

I also squeezed in my **last double-digit run before the Bayshore marathon!!** before I headed home.  My friend Sharon and I met at 7am on Saturday morning to cover 15 miles together.
I started feeling tired at mile 7 and probably would have walked at mile 13, but Sharon pulled me through.  Thank goodness for friends.  We stopped the second our Garmins beeped and walked right over to CVS for cold drinks.IMAG0977

I’m having a hard time adjusting to running in the heat (heat is anything over 60 degrees right now), but with two weeks to go until race day, the only thing I can really do now is taper and hope for a cold front.  So that’s what I’ll do!  I took Sunday as my usual rest day, spent an hour on the elliptical at the Y Monday afternoon, and will run something speedy tomorrow.

How often do you run with friends?
Do you like rich chocolatey desserts?


15 thoughts on “last double digit run

  1. Those brownies look awesome! I’m having a hard time with the heat now too. Hopefully I’ll adjust in a few weeks. I actually miss the cold weather now!

  2. Way to push through- it’s officially reached summer temps today and was 92 when I went grocery shopping today. Needless to say I did not run outside this afternoon!

  3. I’m a weirdo and I hate chocolate. I take a REALLY long time to adapt when the weather heats up and going from 60 to 90 is quite the bodily shock. Honestly, I kind of suck at running in that kind of heat no matter how used to it I am, but the first 3 weeks or so I’m slow as heck and usually feel nauseated to boot. No fun. Great job sticking with it on a long run in the heat, soooo tempting to quit early in that situation!

  4. Congrats on the last of the double digits!!! It’s all downhill from here, taper buddy. 🙂
    I always run solo. I think running with a friend would be so much fun though! (Luckily I seem to have more area runner friends recently so it will be possible to make it happen.)
    I have to be really in the mood for chocolate. I love chocolate mint. I hate chocolate and peanut butter. (And just peanut butter in general. I know. There’s something wrong with me.)

  5. Enjoy your week at home!
    And two weeks until the race- exciting!! Congratulations on your last long run!
    I adore chocolate and actually don’t like bland desserts- the sweeter the better 🙂

  6. Damn girl you’re a rock star!! I don’t run too often with friends because most of my friends don’t run and the few that do, well our schedules don’t align often. I am not a fan of chocolatey desserts because I don’t really like chocolate. I would have just eaten the ice cream 🙂

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