garage circuit and dinner date

Today was rainy and overcast…a nice break from the heat we’ve had lately.  For whatever reason, a gloomy rainy day is like a free pass for not doing anything productive, so I spent most of my day doing just that.  Coffee and reading…more coffee and watching Desperate Housewives (but mostly the latter because I am determined to get through the final season and a half asap so that I can do something more worthwhile with my time).  Right now I just need to find out what happens…kind of how I felt when I read Twilight..

I did take a long afternoon break to work out, get groceries, and make a meatloaf.

The workout: Instead of a run, I did a garage circuit.  Five rounds of 20 reps (below) with a 3-minute run down the street and back between each round.DSCN1732
Garage circuits are one of my favorite workouts to do at home because they’re different from what I usually do, I have plenty of space to move around, and I can listen to music without wearing headphones.  Plus, it’s the only way I enjoy strength training.  It was a good workout, especially compared to Tuesday!  On Tuesday I attempted light speedwork, and it was kind of killed by the heat.  I ran 20 min easy, 5 x 3 min fast, 20 min easy, but it was really hot out, so I slowed the pace down and took a few breaks.

Later on Tuesday, I met my friend Stephanie for dinner!  We hadn’t seen each other since our gingerbread house extravaganza last December, so we had plenty to catch up on.  We chatted while we ate chips and salsa, tacos, and chimichangas.  No food pics, but take my word for it that my tacos were delicious.  The soft taco shells were thick like pita bread, so they were more like chicken fajita pitas.  Chicken pajitas.  Steph got her chimichanga fix.

10 days until the Bayshore marathon!  Since I can stalk the weather now, it looks like it will be mid 60’s during the race with a high of 72, but there is still plenty of time to change.  I’m still deciding what to wear and what flavors of Gu to take.

Tacos, burgers, or pizza?
What book are you currently reading?


11 thoughts on “garage circuit and dinner date

  1. Tacos for sure! I’m kinda obsessed. Yay for your marathon getting so close, I’m itching for another half!

  2. Oh man, you’re making me pick between some of my favorites. But pizza, obviously 😉 You really don’t want to read what I’m currently reading, some craziness about applying Miltonian poetry to Revolutionary thought. Stick to the fun stuff, my friend.

  3. 10 more days! 10 more days! I love your garage workout. What a great idea! That circuit looks similar to one that I do at home a lot, but I don’t incorporate a run in. Your dinner date sounds delicious and fun too!

    Turkey burgers please. 🙂

  4. LOVE your garage workout idea! I’ll have to try when I move out (we live on a private/tiny street so a 3 min run would lead me directly into oncoming traffic). 10 DAYS!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Hmmm I would most likely say pizza? But only if it’s thin crust, extra sauce, light on the cheese, and some fresh basil on top.

      • OMG when I order, I’m like, “That’s extra sauce and NOT extra cheese.” And then I make them repeat it back because I’ve had them add extra cheese too and I’m like, I basically could have ordered it regular since you didn’t change the sauce to cheese ratio! LOL picky picky.

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