bronchitis and a minor league mascot

Guess who rarely gets sick…and then gets bronchitis the week before a marathon?!
Photo on 5-15-14 at 1.05 PM
ME! With my bag o’ meds

I’ve been coughing and mildly wheezy for a few days, so I went to the doctor today to get a refill on my inhaler, but I left with a z-pack and a diagnosis.  There are still nine days to feel better before race day, so I think that will be plenty of time and I’m not very concerned.  It’s kind of funny though–just when I thought I couldn’t feel any less prepared to run another marathon…BOOM, surprise bronchitis!

I decided to skip a baseball game tonight with my family because it’s cold and rainy out, but Greg kindly brought a friend in my place and kept me posted…through his picture diary, it’s just like I was there.  What a brother.
The car ride with Greg, Laura, and my replacement sib Johnny.

The game.  It was a minor league game, so the seats were super close.

Greg’s new BFF, Belle.  She is a “Peagle”–a pink eagle, according to the Florence Freedom website, and a diva.  Instead of talking, she expresses herself by “flirting with cute players and fans.”  Watch out, Greg.

I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned this before, but in high school (junior high?), we took one of those career aptitude tests, and my #1 career was a minor league baseball mascot.  I am totally serious.  Did you know that was a possible outcome in a career aptitude test?

I’m home for one more day of relaxing, reading, and eating ice cream (ice cream is good for all illnesses, I think) before I head back to school tomorrow afternoon for the start of summer semester.  The week has gone by way too quickly and it’s been nice to spend time at home and with my family, but I’m ready to have a to-do list and things to study.  AND I get to see Ryan tomorrow for the whole weekend!

Have you taken a career aptitude test?  What did you get?


17 thoughts on “bronchitis and a minor league mascot

  1. NO NO NO!!! Take that bag of drugs and get well right now! Seriously I hope you feel better.
    That is by far the most bizarre/cool career I’ve ever heard given by one of those tests. I think I took one back in the day, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it said.

  2. Oh my gosh, that is the best (worst) aptitude test response ever! The one I took in junior high said astronaut, which is awesome, but I’m seriously mathematically/scientifically inept so I don’t see how that would’ve played out well. The one I took in high school said as my top 2: professor, researcher which I figure means I signed up for the right thing 😉 Please feel better soon! Get lots of rest!

    • astronaut is like every kid’s dream response!! you must have been a cool junior high kid (and basically no one was cool in junior high–go you!).
      but it sounds like you’re in the perfect area now 🙂

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